Stacking the Shelves: Comic book edition

I said last week that I probably wouldn’t do a Stacking the Shelves post every week, but I had to do another one for my first ever comic book haul! Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews!

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you know that I have recently started reading comic books and graphic novels (so far I have only reviewed Saga here on the blog). Today, I took my first trip to a comic book store to actually buy things; I’ve been to comic book stores but mostly for Doctor Who or other nerdy products.

I went to Comic Commander in Ridgeland, MS, and I got a really great haul! See?


I got: Saga [volume 3]; The Walking Dead [volume 4]; JLA: New World Order; Issues 2-4 of Loki (I need volume 1); Issues 1-4 of Journey into Mystery (If you couldn’t tell, I adore Loki – he’s always been one of my favorite gods in mythology); Issue 1 of Robin Rises: Omega; Issues 1 and 2 of Black Widow.

I’m super pumped about my haul, and I just had to share! Have you read any of these? What did you think? 

13 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves: Comic book edition

  1. I don’t buy comics as much anymore, but throwing out an oldie I liked and a newbie I need to buy a couple new issues of…
    The Runaways – an oldie that I read several large volumes of, but never got to finish (but man, I really should). It starts off about kids who are thrown together when their parents have parties like… once a year. And soon the kids find out they are the children of villains with talents/superpowers/gifts of their own and maybe they don’t want to follow the same path as their parents. There is a thing. That happens. And a character that I deeply DEEPLY connect with and I think you’d enjoy it. 🙂 I need to go to my parents’ and find my volumes now…
    Lumberjanes – a new comic about awesome girls at camp that the author of Nimona (free online comic) is involved in. I’d check out Nimona and if you like it–maybe the Lumberjanes will be for you. It’s summer camp, girls, and supernatural items! Who doesn’t love that? I only have issue one, and that’s just dumb of me.

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  3. I’m fond of reading Batman comics,but given that I like to read them in a particular order,I cannot add any random Batman book in my cart.The one I need now is called The Long Halloween,but it is quite costly at $ 26 – I always think I can get 2 books with that money.As a result of delaying my purchase of this issue every time,I haven’t read a Batman comic for quite a long time now…
    I must get myself to buy it next time!

    I’m also much interested in graphic novels.Persepolis,Maus,V for Vendetta,Bone,and The Arrival are on my wish list! 🙂

    • I almost bought The Long Halloween at the comic book store, but it IS very expensive. The reason I bought Robin Rises is because 1. I already know about the Batman universe so as much as I’d like to read all the comic in order, I don’t necessarily have to and 2. I love Robin. 😀
      I’ve got Persepolis and V for Vendetta on my wish list as well! I haven’t heard of the others. I’ll check those out. 🙂

      • The guy who helped me at Comic Commander wanted me to, but I was already buying so many other things. I have it on my list to get next time! The trade at the store was like $25 or something. I might get it online because it’s cheaper. 🙂

      • I can’t.I live in Mauritius,and the only way I can get comics is by ordering them on bookdepository with free shipping.
        If I order a trade comic,which will be cheaper,I’ll have to pay for shipping,and in the end,the total cost will be more or less the same as the original price of the comic.

        • Oh, you’re my Mauritius person! I get views from there and I was wondering who it was! 🙂
          Trades aren’t on the Book Depository? That’s weird. You’d think they’d have those because they are more book-like than individual comics.

  4. Nice haul. 🙂 I haven’t bought comic books for a few years. For a while Loki was a girl in the comics. I guess with the movies they fixed him and now they’re apparently making Thor a girl. haha!

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