Rating System

Here’s the rating system which I will apply to each of the books I’ve read (as of 3/26/2014)

10 – Perfection. One of the best books I’ve ever read

This book is very well-written. It has well-rounded characters, and I know I will re-read it in the future. It has no perceptible flaws.

9 – Practically perfect

This book has fantastic characters/plot/writing style. Pretty close to perfect.

8 – Freaking fantastic

Memorable. I really enjoyed reading it. The execution of the plot/characters was solid.

7 – Pretty good

Has flaws that are perceptible, but the story works. Entertaining and well-paced.

6 – Good, but not great

Above average, but not by much. Nothing spectacular or particularly special. The book works overall, but probably would have preferred to read something else.

5 – Take it or leave it

Not bad but not memorable. Completely average. The book suffers from stereotypes in plot or characters.

4 – Eh. This is bad

A book that is all around sub-par, though somehow has a few qualities that stopped me from hating it.

3 – Horrible; why am I reading this?

A book that I had to push through to keep reading it, and I mostly did so to say I finished it. Suffers from major problems in style/plot/characters.

2 – I’ve wasted part of my life reading this

Completely horrible and a waste of time. This means it probably had bad writing, flat characters, or huge plot holes. Just barely above being complete crap.

1 – One of the worst books I’ve ever read

I want my money and time back from buying and reading this. No good qualities whatsoever.

0 – I’m not finishing this

This speaks for itself. So bad I didn’t read the whole thing.

6 thoughts on “Rating System

  1. I admit, even before I’ve read any of your reviews, that I too like this system. It’s more comprehensive than the usual five stars, and even when I award fives the description I give about why is usually more like your 9/10. Finding a perfect book is almost impossible!

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