Top Ten Tuesday: Books from My Childhood I Want to Revisit

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. Today’s theme was:

Top 10 Books From My Childhood (Or teen years) That I Would Love To Revisit

I’m going for a mix of books from my childhood and teen years.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone   Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, illustrated by  Camille Rose Garcia   Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie   Lord of the Flies by William Golding   And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (isn’t that cover illustration awesome?!)

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Matilda by Roald Dahl   Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson   Uglies by Scott Westerfeld   Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan   The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

Matilda by Roald Dahl

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan (I’ve actually only read the first three, I think, so I’d like to go back and read them all)

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

What books from your childhood or teen years do you want to revisit?

43 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books from My Childhood I Want to Revisit

  1. I’ve read Peter Pan a few years ago. Now it makes me want to read every spin off even more! I read the Percy Jackson series last fall and adored it! It kept me laughing the whole time. Now in the last two of the spin off that sadly isn’t as fast. Barrie and Riordan prove that good children books can be for any age!

    • Agreed! I love all of the Peter Pan/Neverland spin offs! I keep finding more and more and it makes me so happy. I’m looking forward to rereading the Percy series; well, rereading the first ones and reading the rest! 🙂

  2. That Alice in Wonderland edition looks delicious!!

    Speak and Percy Jackson are on my TBR list, and I currently own the Uglies series so I’ll be getting to that one soon(ish). I haven’t read any Agatha Christie (am I missing out?) or attempted the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit books… they seem so huge, and I was always petrified of High Fantasy… R x

    • I need that Alice cover in my life. Isn’t it gorgeous? I think the same person illustrates the book throughout. You definitely need to read Speak. It’s so powerful. If you don’t like old school mystery, you probably won’t like Agatha Christie. If that sounds interesting, you should check it out. I haven’t read the Lord of the Rings books, only The Hobbit. I tried LotR when I was like 12 and didn’t like it. The Hobbit it actually more of a middle grade book (unlike what the movie wants you to think), so it’s not nearly as intimidating.

      • The illustrator of that Alice book did a Snow White… and another fairytale too – a BookTuber hauled it recently but I can’t remember which one it was. They all look lush. I’ve never really tried old school mysteries, but I like modern ones, like who-dunnits? R x

  3. Okay so the only book I’ve read on your list is Harry Potter XD I tried reading Uglies but never got into it; I never read Alice in Wonderland all the way through; I managed to survive my English class without reading the entirety of Lord of the Flies; and with Speak & Matilda, I just watched the movies. Basically, my childhood reading experiences are lacking. But maybe one day I’ll read all of these ;D

  4. 🙂 So many of these I’ve read recently!

    I didn’t even know about the Uglies books until a year or so ago, so I’ve read them extremely recently–they were really good!

  5. I’m really ashamed to admit that the only one I ‘think’ I’ve read is Matilda, and I read the first 2 HP books. I clearly missed out on a lot of good books when I was a kid.

  6. I’ve read the first 6 and The Hobbit – all of them as an adult! It’s quite possible that Alice and Peter Pan were read to me when I was little, but I don’t remember them specifically. I might’ve technically read Lord of the Flies as a teen, but I was in college, so I can’t be sure. I think I picked it up after my college English class studied some dystopian short stories. I just added it to my re-read shelf. 🙂

  7. Loved a lot of these on your list! I almost put Lord of the Flies on my list… I read that in my 9th grade English class and I hated my teacher so I didn’t pay much attention.

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