Book Review: Ollie’s Odyssey by William Joyce

Ollie's OdysseyAuthor: William Joyce

Illustrator: Moonbot

Genre: Children’s fiction

Publisher: Atheneum

Publication Date: April 12, 2016

304 pages, hardcover

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What a cute book! I absolutely loved following along with Ollie on his A-venture to get back to his boy, Billy.

Ollie is a Favorite, a super high honor for a Toy. Zozo, a creepy little clown toy, has never been anyone’s favorite, and he and his Creeps (clockwork-esque Toys made by Zozo) search out and kidnap favorites to make them forget their kids forever. One day, Ollie is toynapped at a wedding, and both Billy and Ollie go on their biggest A-venture ever to find each other.

This book would be super fun to read at bedtime with kids – a chapter or two each night before bed. The illustrations are wonderful and really capture the personality of these toys. Plus, Ollie, a Handmade – stitched together by Billy’s mom and resembling a bit of a teddy bear and a stuffed rabbit – is the absolute cutest thing, and I just wanted to reach in and cuddle him.

The bottom line: Highly recommended for kids AND adults. Honestly, I recommend all of William Joyce’s books – if you didn’t know, he’s the writer behind the book that Meet the Robinsons is based on (A DAY WITH WILBUR ROBINSON) as well as Rise of the Guardians (based on his Guardians of Childhood series).