Summer Blogger Promo Tour: 2015 Wrap Up Post

This post marks the end of the 2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour, and this makes me very sad. Like last year, I had a lot of fun getting to know everyone, though I wish there’d been a little more interaction in our Twitter DM! I featured guest posts from 8 wonderful bloggers over the course of July and August.

Summer Blogger Promo Tour 2015

In case you missed the posts, here they are!

Not only did I enjoy reading everyone’s posts for my blog, I LOVED doing the posts for blogs on which I was featured. My favorite has got to be the Book Guessing Game I did on Melissa’s blog. It was super challenging and a lot of fun to try to guess books based on a short description, quote, a few words, or a sample of their cover. I also enjoyed making a list of some of the bookish tattoos I’d like to get in the future on Sydney’s blog. I wrote about an object from books I’d recreate if I had unlimited resources for Mariah’s blog and my favorite TV and movie guys for Talina (featuring some gorgeous pictures of men like Dylan O’Brien and Donald Glover).

I had a few issues with the tour – mostly that I sometimes didn’t know who was hosting me or they wouldn’t tag me on Twitter, so I didn’t know my post was up, but I also had a few of the bloggers not email me until super late or want me to come up with ideas for the post they did on my blog AND what I would do for their blog, which I didn’t think was fair.

However, overall, I liked the tour and finding some new bloggers to follow! The Summer Blogger Promo Tour is a great way to get your name out but also to spread the love for some fellow book bloggers. Make sure you follow our lovely hosts The Book Bratz (on their blog or Twitter) and keep your eye for sign-ups for next year!

Summer Blogger Promo Tour: Amber & Jessica from The Book Bratz

Today is the fifth Sunday of the Summer Blogger Promo Tour hosted by The Book Bratz! I’m really excited to be hosting the Book Bratz themselves, Amber & Jessica! We’ve got a really fun post for you guys today: the girls have fancast their favorite books, so check out which actors they’ve picked and then head over to their blog!

Summer Blogger Promo Tour 2015


Jessica’s Fancast

Looking for AlaskaFavorite Book: Looking for Alaska by John Green

Character List:

Alaska Young: Avril Lavigne (*literally she is exactly how I envisioned Alaska)

Miles/Pudge: Logan Lerman

The Colonel: Jeremy Irvine

Takumi: Song Joong Ki

Mr. Starnes “The Eagle:” Stefan Brogren

Dr. Hyde: Robin Williams (*sad face*)

Amber’s Fancast

Sweet EvilFavorite Book: Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

Character List:

Kaidan: Wade Poezyn

Anna: Amanda Seyfried

Marna and Ginger: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Blake: Booboo Steward

Kopano: Tristan Wilds

Veronica: Shailene Woodly

John LaGray/Belial: Dwayne Johnson

Pharzuph: Matt Bomer


The Book BratzAmber & Jessica are both high school girls and longtime good friends. They started The Book Bratz back in 2014 and spent all of their free time reading and fangirling about books. Some of their favorite activities include reading, writing, sleeping, eating, and texting (duh). Today, The Book Bratz and its followers have grown tremendously and they’re super excited to be the co-hosts of the 2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour! Drop on by to and say hi – it’s always a good time!

Summer Blogger Promo Tour: Anna from Unquenchable Reads

Today is the third Sunday of the Summer Blogger Promo Tour hosted by The Book BratzI’m excited to be hosting Anna from Unquenchable Reads for the Book Blog Name Tag! See which characters she picked for each letter and then go check out her blog!
Summer Blogger Promo Tour 2015

Hi! My name is Anna and today I’m doing the Book Blog Name tag. So I used my blog name ( Unquenchable Reads ) and I had to fill in the letters with characters from books. It was so much fun to do and I’m so happy I got the chance to do this tag.

Uriah from Divergent
Nora from Hush Hush
Q from Paper Towns
Uncle Ebb from The Moon Coin
Ethan from The Lost Prince
Nyx from Cruel Beauty
Chaol from Throne of Glass
Hanson (Charlie is his first name but I thought last name would work) from Love and Other Unknown Variables
Annabeth from PJO
Bishop from The Book of Ivy
Lissa from Shut Out
Ethan from Beautiful Creatures

Roth from White Hot Kissing
Echo from Pushing the Limits
Adrian from Vampire Academy
Daemon from Lux
Shazi from The Wrath and the Dawn

Thanks so much for having me, Stefani! I’ll see you guys later!

Summer Blogger Promo Tour: The Book Bratz

Summer Blogger Tour

Today for the Summer Blogger Promo Tour, I’ve got our lovely hosts, Jessica and Amber of the Book Bratz, on the blog with a short little interview about books. Check it out below and then head on over to their blog and say hey. 🙂


1. What is the book you credit as getting you into reading? Or if you can’t choose, which book have you reread the most?

Jessica: I started reading when I was very, very little–so it’s going to sound cliche when I say that the first book I ever fell in love with and read again and again (still to this day) was The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

Amber: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, I actually hated reading but my 6th grade reading teacher told me to try it. Ever since then I have loved reading.

2. Who is your favorite book boyfriend?

Jessica: My book boyfriend is a tie between Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars and James Stark from The House of Night series.

Amber: I can make a whole list. Ummmm… Daemon Black from Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Lux series or Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

3. If you could live in the world of any book, which would it be?

Jessica: I totally forgot what it was called because I’m horribly forgetful at times, but the city where Divergent took place.

Amber: I read a lot of dystopian so none of the worlds seem very pleasant. I guess I would choose The City of Glass from The Mortal Instruments  by Cassandra Clare

4. If you could pick one book character to be (for a day or for good), who’d you choose?

Jessica: This is a great question! For a day–Tris Prior. For good–Blair from the Gossip Girl series seems like a pretty nice life.

Amber: Katy Swartz from the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

5. Favorite literary hero?

Jessica: Percy Jackson.

Amber: Katniss Everdeen

6. Favorite literary villain?

Jessica: Dorothy from Dorothy Must Die. That girl’s a riot.
Amber: I agree with Jess

7. Which character do you think is the most like you? Or which character can you relate to the most?

Jessica: I’m going to go with Hazel Grace from The Fault in the Stars, but not because of the cancer–her nature and her thoughts and likes and interests are exactly like my own.

Amber: From the books I have read there really isn’t just one. I have found something in each character that relates to me. Whether good or bad, the List is endless!

8. What’s the book you want to buy next?

Jessica: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. I’ve heard nothing but good things about that book.

Amber: The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu


We’d love to see your answers to these questions below! And make sure you go say hi to Jessica and Amber on their blog or tweet them.

Summer Blogger Promo Tour: Ink on the Shelf

Summer Blogger Tour

Hi guys! Today is the start of the Summer Blogger Promo Tour hosted by The Book Bratz! I am very excited to have Jen from Ink on the Shelf on the blog today. She’s really awesome (and super awkward as you’ll see below) and you should definitely go check her out her blog (and follow her on Twitter)! Awesome and awkward? Winning combination, in my opinion. The following post is one of Jen’s “Moments of Jen” posts which I absolutely love and it made me laugh out loud several times. Enjoy!

MomentsofJen - Ink on the Shelf

Hi lovely people!

This is Jen here, from Ink on the Shelf and I am very excited to be guest posting on Stefani’s blog here today. Moments of Jen is a segment consisting of all the embarrassing things I do on a regular basis. Sometimes it will be about books, but mostly it’s about me acting like a Hufflepuff initiate.

There is something utterly ridiculous and uncoordinated about me which comes out in perfectly timed moments (a self-deprecating montage is flitting across my mind right now, feel free to send me any additional memories I may have repressed).  In moments like these, I can only cringe and hope that people find it endearing. I know they don’t though.

During the period in which I worked in an office, there was a giant shopping complex located a short walk away. My lunch breaks were spent rapidly spending the money I had just earnt like a small child who has just discovered that money can actually buy you all the things.(Note: I still haven’t really come out of this mindset, it is just I have no said money to spend presently 😉 ).

On one occasion, I was walking by one of the coffee shops when I saw a slice of cheesecake in the glass window (cue the chorus of hallelujahs). I decided this would be a great alternative for lunch, so bought it and started walking back to the office. The plan was to keep it in the fridge, and take it home in the afternoon.

Yes, I'm aware they don't have necks. It is an observation of mine that  people who attend the gym on a regular basis often have none.

Yes, I’m aware they don’t have necks. It is an observation of mine that people who attend the gym on a regular basis often have none.

I made it around the corner. Then decided I could not wait any longer. I needed to taste this cake. So naturally I found the nearest building and huddled under the patio, trying to subtly taste the culinary masterpiece in privacy.  It was only after a few minutes that I realised the building I was huddled near was in fact the major gym of the area.

The window I was looking into? The cardio exercise class.

The people inside the room staring back? Yes they could all see me. Eating cake. In front of them while they were exercising vigorously, sweating through their eyeballs.

I imagine they were either shaking their heads in disgust or swearing at me under their breath for bringing “cake-eating” impulses to the front of their minds again (yes, I have decided this is an actual thing. It explains a lot of violence).

I can see it now. In their minds, I was probably the girl who had tried summon up all the willpower I possessed in order to just drive to the gym. I had set a goal to be empowered, and sexy and fit. Only to be found eating cake at the door a few minutes later.

The cake was damn good though. It will forever own my soul.

MomentsofJen - Cake

InkontheShelf - Signature