Seize the Tuesday – To Be or Not to Be…a Cat

Seize the Tuesday is a book blogger meme created by Adi Alsaid and the Let’s Get Lost Buddies Street Team, to share stories about how we’ve seized the Tuesday, with a special focus on the particular book we’re reading. We’ll share our posts online with the hashtag: #LetsAllGetLost. The idea is to share little ways in which you may have embraced Bree’s motto of seizing the Tuesday. To relate it to books, you can talk about what book you’re reading, and how you stole some moments from the day to enjoy reading. It doesn’t have to be about reading, but we all know that a well-read day is a day seized. The idea is not just to help spread the word on LGL, but also to remind people to live fully, even/especially if that means spending a part of your day reading.

Seize the Tuesday - Let's Get Lost

This post might be kind of the opposite of what a Seize the Tuesday post is supposed to be about. Do you ever have one of those days that you wish you could forget? How about two in a row? That’s me this week so far, which as I’m sure you can imagine was an absolutely wonderful start to the week. So instead of talking about them (because I already have with two close friends who I appreciate more than they know), let’s talk about what I’m reading.

I’ve been slowly making my way through Sarah J. Maas’s collection of Throne of Glass novellas The Assassin’s Blade, which I’m really enjoying. It’s cool to learn more about Celaena before Throne of Glass and toactually get to know Sam a bit. I haven’t made much progress To Be a Cat by Matt Haigthe last two days but I hope to get back to it soon.

I suppose I did Seize the Tuesday a bit last night when I decided to start a new book that I knew would make me smile – To Be a Cat by Matt Haig. It’s a middle grade book about a kid who thinks being a cat would be better than what he’s currently going through but when his wish comes true, he realizes being a cat isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s funny and adorable so far and written in Matt Haig’s wonderful writing style that I absolutely adore. I ended up staying awake and reading a lot more than I’d originally planned, so you know what?

I’m going to consider this Tuesday seized.