Book Review: Sophie’s Squash

So as you may know, this past week, I started a job as a Circulation Clerk at a local library. I’ve only been there two days and I absolutely LOVE my job; I’ve got a lot of exciting opportunities/programs in the works with my branch manager. I only work with two people: the branch manager who loves comic books and graphic novels and the children’s librarian who loves children’s books. I am all about expanding my horizons so they will be recommending books for me and I will be doing the same for them (mostly YA). It’s a great atmosphere at this library; no one judges you for what you like to read. I hope to review 2-3 children’s books and 1-2 graphic novels a week starting RIGHT NOW!

First up is Sophie’s Squash written by Pat Zietlow Miller and illustrated by Anne Wilsdorf. You guys, this book is so dang cute!

Sophie's Squash

The story was just adorable. It is perfect for children (and adults, I’ve found). It is a charming story about finding friends in unexpected places. Little Sophie goes to the farmer’s market with her parents where they buy a squash for their dinner. Sophie takes a shining to the squash; she gives the squash a face and a name: Bernice. She takes Bernice everywhere despite the fact that her parents worry about the inevitable demise of all vegetables. Of course, Bernice starts to get “freckles” and get a little squishy. Sophie goes back to the farmer’s market to consult the man selling squash. After following his advice, Sophie gets an unexpected surprise: she gains even more friends!

I thought the story was wonderful; it showed patient parents who, though a little taken aback, love their child and her imagination. It shows a sweet little girl who is loyal to her friends and would do anything for them. It was delightful. To me, the message was: you must let things go so that they can grow. I loved that. It was perfect for children, but it was also a nice little reminder for myself, and I am 24 (TODAY!). I also quite enjoyed the illustrations, which I’ve taken a couple of pictures of for your enjoyment. 🙂

Sophie's Squash 2

Sophie's Squash 1     Sophie's Squash 3

Are you guys okay with me posting little reviews of children’s books? Sometimes they are a perfectly charming, sweet break from the norm. Let me know what you think in the comments!