Throwback Thursday 3

Throwback Thursday

I thought it’d be kind of fun to use Throwback Thursday to highlight some things from the past that I was obsessed with (and still love). So on Thursdays I’m going to throw it back by talking about a book, a movie or TV show, and a song or band from the past.

TBT Book

I couldn’t keep doing these posts if I didn’t feature my absolute favorite book from my childhood – a book that continues to be one of my favorite stories to this day. Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie inspired me as a child. And now, as an adult, it still inspires me. I have a Peter Pan inspired tattoo, which reminds me to never take life too seriously; try to see the world with childlike curiosity and love and joy. I know that’s not quite what the book means, but that’s what it means to me. I literally own at least ten different editions of this book, from a copy of Peter Pan and Wendy to the pretty editions that Barnes & Noble sells.

TBT Movie

To go along with the Peter Pan theme, I want to talk about the Disney version of the movie. It changes the story and the scariness of certain parts of Neverland and Peter, but I love it. I’ve watched it a countless number of times. I’ve met people who have never seen it and that is absolutely crazy to me. Go watch it if you haven’t seen it!

TBT Song

Looks like this whole thing is going to be Peter Pan themed. This song is only about three years old, but it fits perfectly with the theme. I remember hearing this for the first time and just grinning the whole time. 1. Because I really just like the song, but also 2. Because I love everything Peter Pan themed.