S.F.D. Mission: Open Letter to Tara Sim, author of TIMEKEEPER

Hi, there! Welcome to my next mission for the S.F.D. In case you missed my first post about what that is, check it out here. Basically, we’re a team of debut author supporters started by Talina from Sassy & Dangerous, who’ll be going on a series of missions to help promote some seriously amazing authors. A couple of weeks ago, our mission was to write a letter to a debut author. I had the lovely Janet B. Taylor, and I loved writing a letter to her. Today, I’m excited to be writing a letter to Tara Sim, debut author of Timekeeper, which comes out fall 2016!


Tara Sim

Dear Tara,

I’m just going to put this out there – I will make you samosas if we can fast forward time to when your book comes out. I know you’ve got the magic powers. Please?

It doesn’t work like that? Okay, FINE. But, like, I don’t know if I can wait. Your book sounds freaking amazing. I mean, you’ve got:

Boys ✓
Magic ✓
Clock spirits ✓
London ✓
BOYS ✓ ✓

I think I’m most drawn to the fact that you’ve tweaked history for your own story. I’ll admit, I’m kind of iffy about historical fiction. EXCEPT when something’s been introduced (like magic) that changes history and makes it something new. So I’m really excited to read about a Victorian London in which “women can work as car mechanics or *gasp* wear trousers” like you said in your interview with Team Rogue YA.

Also, Danny, who you’ve described as “an awkward, anxious, stubborn creature” sounds wonderful, as does Colton – plus, if they look like the pictures you’ve pinned on Pinterest…SWOON. I can’t wait to read about their love story.

My favorite thing I’ve read that you’ve written about the book was from that same interview I linked to above. When asked who you hoped picked this book up, you said:

I hope this book finds its way to people who feel lonely, who may have lost someone dear to them, who have given up hope on something, who feel lost in life, or just want to see more diversity in fantasy stories.

Your book sounds beautiful and different and lovely and diverse, and I really need us to skip ahead a bit so I can read it already. Still no? Dang. I tried.

Wishing for the power to travel in time


Want to know more about Tara’s book? If your answer is no, go away.


No cover - S.F.D.Publisher: Sky Pony Press // Publication date: 2016

Add the book to your Goodreads shelf!

Every city in the world is run by a clock tower. If one breaks, time stops. It’s a truth that seventeen-year-old Danny knows well; his father has been trapped in a town east of London for three years. Despite being a clock mechanic prodigy who can repair not only clockwork, but time itself, Danny has been unable to free his father.

Danny’s assigned to a damaged clock tower in the small town of Enfield. The boy he mistakes for his apprentice is odd, but that’s to be expected when he’s the clock spirit who controls Enfield’s time. Although Danny and the spirit are drawn to each other’s loneliness, falling in love with a clock spirit is forbidden, no matter how cute his smiles are.

But when someone plants bombs in nearby towers, cities are in danger of becoming trapped in time—and Enfield is one of them.

Danny must discover who’s stopping time and prevent it from happening to Enfield, or else he’ll lose not only his father, but the boy he loves, forever.


Tara SimTara Sim is a YA author found in the wilds of the Bay Area, California. When she’s not writing about magic, clocks, and boys, she drinks tea, wrangles cats, and sings opera.

Tara grew up in California, but braved the elements of Virginia to study English/Creative Writing at Hollins University.

Half-Indian, half-American, and full geek, she eats too many samosas and awkwardly dances to Bhangra music.

TIMEKEEPER (Sky Pony Press, Fall ’16) is her debut YA novel.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Tumblr | Pinterest | Instagram


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S.F.D. Mission: Open Letter to Janet B. Taylor, author of Into the Dim

Just in case you missed my post yesterday all about what S.F.D. is, you can check it out here. Basically, we’re a team of debut author supporters started by Talina from Sassy & Dangerous, who’ll be going on a series of missions to help promote some seriously amazing authors. Today I’m super pumped to be going on a mission for Sassy’s Fangirl Debuts – my mission, which I’ve chosen to accept, is an open letter to a debut author, and I have been assigned Janet B. Taylor, author of one of my most anticipated 2016 releases.


Janet B Taylor

Dear Janet (can I call you Janet? I’m going to call you Janet),

I know you already know how freaking excited I am for your book. I’ve already got a review of it on Goodreads (all in caps) and I’ve done a Waiting on Wednesday post about it and I’ve told you on Twitter a few times, but, if it’s cool with you, I’m going to talk about it a little more.

I don’t know if you know, but I lived in Scotland for over a year. I’m completely in love with that country, so as soon as I saw the setting of your book, I was super intrigued. BUT then you added in freaking TIME TRAVEL, and, like I said on Goodreads, I realized there couldn’t possibly be a more perfect book for me.

Let’s just see. Some things I know about you and your book:

  • Favorite things to do (other than reading): Travel. And um…let’s see…did she mention travel? [from your Meet the Author post] Let’s go on a trip together, okay? I LOVE to travel, and I take at least one road trip a month. I love that you enjoy travelling and that you travel to all the places your book is set because, though I haven’t read Into the Dim yet, this makes for seriously amazing and well-developed settings. I can’t wait to travel to Scotland again in your book.
  • You’re a Whovian. Enough said.
  • “[Hope’s mother is] also a member of a secret society of time travelers, and is now trapped in the twelfth century during the age of King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine.” Now Hope has to travel back in time to rescue her. I mean, are you kidding me? Plus there’s a “mysterious boy” and romance and effing SCOTLAND. I want to read this book SO BADLY. Here’s hoping your book takes places sometime around when Scotland rebelled against Henry’s rule along with Henry’s kid, “Young Henry”, because that will make for some interesting conflict. Even if it doesn’t, freaking time travel and Scotland added together makes for a very excited Stefani. I’m really looking forward to reading this. Not like you couldn’t tell or anything. I’m not even usually a big fan of historical fiction, but this? This I KNOW I will like.
  • Into the Dim got two amazing covers. The first one, with the mountains and the snow and the girl in a fur cape and the font, is what made me click on this book on Goodreads. It’s what initially drew me in. It was absolutely gorgeous! And then you got a new cover and I’m kind of in love with the font on that one too and the tagline – “Her future is a thousand years in the past.” Color me intrigued.
  • Your Into the Dim Pinterest Board. YES. Love all the characters’ looks and that picture of Glencoe (which I’ve been to and which is absolutely gorgeous). I usually prefer imagining the characters’ appearances myself, but if your boys look like THAT? Yeah, I can deal.

I could probably keep going, but I’ll stop there. Basically, I just wanted you to know that I am REALLY excited to read Into the Dim. I honestly don’t know if there could be a more perfect book for me. Scotland and time travel mixed together? Could there be anything that appeals to me more? I really don’t think so. Like I said in my WoW post, could I time-jump to March 2016, please and thank you?

Into the Dim fangirl


What to know more about Janet B. Taylor’s debut Into the Dim? Of course you do.


Into the Dim by Janet B. Taylor

Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers // Publication Date: March 1, 2016

Add the book to your Goodreads shelf!

When fragile, sixteen-year-old Hope Walton loses her mom to an earthquake overseas, her secluded world crumbles. Agreeing to spend the summer in Scotland, Hope discovers that her mother was more than a brilliant academic, but also a member of a secret society of time travelers. Trapped in the twelfth century in the age of Eleanor of Aquitaine, Hope has seventy-two hours to rescue her mother and get back to their own time. Along the way, her path collides with that of a mysterious boy who could be vital to her mission . . . or the key to Hope’s undoing. Addictive, romantic, and rich with historical detail, Into the Dim is an Outlander for teens.


Janet B. TaylorJanet Taylor lives in such a small town in Arkansas that if you happen to sneeze when you pass by, you’ll totally miss it. (Cause, you know, you can’t sneeze with your eyes open. For real–try it–it’s impossible)

Her debut novel, INTO THE DIM (coming 3/1/2016 from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) is about a 16 year old girl who travels through time. Totally on purpose and stuff.

She’s a reader/fan first and a writer second. She lives with her fantastic husband, two hilarious sons, and Dorda the diabetic dog who won’t win any beauty contests, but has a “nice personality”.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Pinterest | Goodreads


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Agent Stefani, reporting for duty for Sassy’s Fangirl Debuts


Hi, lovelies! This post is all about this amazing feature that Talina from Sassy & Dangerous created called Sassy’s Fangirl Debuts! The S.F.D. is a top-secret organization (okay, it’s a debut author street team) that helps authors dominate the book world and succeed in brainwashing their readers (Kidding! Maybe…).

Over the past few weeks, Talina has put together a team of highly trained professional debut supporters and the S.F.D team has been planning a way to destroy reader’s TBRs, which is totally going to kick butt. Although there was a slight delay due to a giant, angry green problem, (TOP SECRET clearance needed for more details!) everything is now back on course. With the help of a few other agents, our plans are finally being launched.

Sassy’s Fangirl Debuts (S.F.D. for short) is a fun, unique way to help readers keep track of all the debut authors and their new books that are coming out, and it is also a way for authors to promote their books and get readers interested. The feature, which Agent T has decided to make it into a debut author street team, will include author interrogations, (interviews), confidential file exposures (guest posts) and the radioactive surprises (giveaways) which will all be posted on her blog, Sassy & Dangerous.

Agent T’s highly skilled team of agents will be going on special missions that will include fun, awesome posts to feature these lovely debut authors and their books. Tomorrow will be the agents first mission, so don’t forget to stop by my blog tomorrow and to also check out the list of rest of the agents blogs below!

Talina, our fearless leader // Emily // Heather // Eileen // Karina // Deanna
Claudia // Kaitlin // Jasmine // Angel // Bex // Melissa // Kaitlin S. // Aila // Jess // Jaime
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Make sure you come tomorrow morning to see the results of our first mission. 🙂