Rock My TBR Challenge: Sign Up Post

Alright. So my TBR pile is getting a little out of hand. I get so excited about a book that I buy it but then I don’t have time to read it because I already have SO many books I own but haven’t read. The wonderful Sarah over at the YA Book Traveler has created the Rock My TBR Challenge as a way to help hold us accountable for those books and get us to tackle our TBR. I’m so excited for this challenge, especially because I’d been wanting to do this for a while. But now I’ve got other people who’ll also be doing this and I’m hoping it’ll keep me with this challenge.

Rock My TBR Challenge

I have way too many books to read all of them next year in addition to all the other books I’m probably going to buy in 2016, so I’ve created a list of “high priority” books that I REALLY want to read next year. Then, if I complete all of the books on that list, I’ve got a list of “also important” books to read (because aren’t all TBR books important?). If I somehow complete all of those too, I’ll update this post with more books I want to read. I’m not including ARCs in this list (well, except for Grasshopper Jungle, but that’s because I only have it in ARC form) – these are all books I already own that have been published and that I really want to read. Books that are signed are marked with a * because I’m kind of sad I haven’t read those ones yet. If I link a sequel as well, it means I have that one too.

If any of you have one or more of these books on your TBR, I LOVE to do buddy reads, so just let me know if you are interested and we’ll see if we can schedule it! 🙂

HIGH PRIORITY BOOKS (titles linked to Goodreads)

2015-12-28 08.28.27

ALSO IMPORTANT BOOKS (titles linked to Goodreads)

2015-12-28 08.37.02

Neither of these lists are in reading order. We all know I’m a mood reader so it’ll completely depend on what I’m feeling when I go to pick up a new book. But the plan is to read at least one book per month I already own (hence the original 12 choices) and then if I end up completing those, moving on to the next 12 choices. Here’s hoping I can do it!

I will also be updating this post with links to the reviews of these books, so check back if you are interested in my thoughts!

Do you have a huge TBR too? Sign up for the Rock My TBR Challenge and link me up so I can see your list!