Taylor Kitchings Event at Lemuria Books – August 18

Hey, guys! I just have a quick post for you about a really cool event happening at Lemuria Books on August 18. Taylor Kitchings, debut author of Yard War (a middle grade book about football during the civil rights movement) will be launching his book at Lemuria with a signing and reading starting at 5 p.m. I know most of you aren’t located in Mississippi, but I wanted to let those of you that are in MS know about this cool event! Here’s a little more about the book and then a flier with more information about the event! (p.s. Taylor Kitchings will also be appearing at the Mississippi Book Festival on August 22!)

It’s 1964 in Jackson, Mississippi, deep in the civil rights movement, and the one black person twelve-year-old Trip Westbrook knows well is Willie Jane, the family maid, who has been a second mother to him. When Trip invites her son, Dee, to play football in the yard, Trip discovers the ugly side of his smiling neighbors. Even his loving grandparents don’t approve. But getting to know Dee and playing football, being part of a team, changes Trip. He begins to see all the unspoken rules he lives by but doesn’t agree with, such as respect your elders. What if he thinks their views are wrong? This engaging, honest, and hopeful novel is full of memorable characters, and brings the civil rights–era South alive for young readers. – Synopsis from Goodreads