Children’s Book Review: Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

I’ve recently become kind of obsessed (okay, super obsessed) with Oliver Jeffers’ books. I love them. They are adorable and genius and simple and wonderful. Did I mention that I love his books? Haha. I’ve already reviewed The Day the Crayons Quit and The Incredible Book-Eating Boy and The Way Back Home. Anyway, I’ve pretty much read all of his books that are currently in my library’s system, so this week, I’m going to do six mini reviews of his books. You ready?

Lost and Found

Lost and Found is in the same series as The Way Back Home which I already talked about (in case you were wondering, I loved it). One day, a penguin shows up at a boy’s door and he assumes it is lost. So he figures out where the penguin came from through research and sets out to return it home. The trip to the South Pole is long and to pass the time, he tells the penguin stories. When they reach their destination, he realizes that the penguin wasn’t lost.

Much like Jeffers’ other books, this is a sweet story of friendship. Instead of being about the words on the page, this book is much more about what isn’t said. The words are sparse but obviously chosen with care to invoke feelings of love, loyalty, kindness, and friendship. Jeffers’ is obviously quite talented: you can tell this by the fact that it is possible to see how the penguin is feeling with just his simple illustrations.

Loneliness is something that is really difficult to talk to a child about. I think this book would be a really wonderful way to start that conversation should it ever come up. It is also a beautiful story of friendship and finding it in places you might not expect.

Come back tomorrow when I’ll be reviewing Up and Down.

Quote Quoted: The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan

The Lost Thing

I can’t say that the thing actually belonged in the place where it ended up. In fact, none of the things there really belonged. They all seemed happy enough though, so maybe that didn’t matter.

I’m not where I thought I’d be in my life right now, but it’s all about perspective, isn’t it? Be happy that you’re alive. Be happy that you have the things you need in life. Be happy that, while you’re not doing what you thought you’d be doing right now, you are doing something you love to do. Be happy you can read and that you have books. Be happy that you are surrounded by books. You can belong anywhere.

I’m going to quote from a song by my favorite band, The Neighbourhood.

They say it’s happy here, happiness is figurative, I’m happy ’cause of me, doesn’t matter where I’m living

So yeah. If you couldn’t tell, I really liked this quote. It’s from “The Lost Thing” by Shaun Tan, which is one of the illustrated short stories, collected in Lost and Found, which I would highly recommend. I particularly enjoyed “The Red Tree” from that book.