Throwback Thursdays with Caught Read Handed

Throwback ThursdayI’ve never really participated in Throwback Thursday (usually posted as #tbt on Twitter or Instagram), but I thought it’d be kind of fun to use Throwback Thursday to highlight some things from the past that I was obsessed with (and still love). So on Thursdays I’m going to throw it back by talking about a book, a movie or TV show, and a song or band from the past.TBT BookLet’s take it ALLLLL the way back to one of the first books I ever read by myself – THE FOOT BOOK by Dr. Seuss. If I had to choose one author’s books as instilling a love of reading in me, it would probably have to be Dr. Seuss. My parents used to read all of his books to me, and the rhyming, musical, silly, and fun nature of Dr. Seuss’s books really drew me in.

The Foot BookTBT tv showWith all of the news coming out about the upcoming Hey Arnold! movie, I had to choose that show for my first TBT. I mean, have you guys SEEN the new images of Arnold and the gang that the film’s creators released at Comic Con? From the amount of joy and anticipation I got from just looking at those pictures, it’s clear I still have a lot of love for Hey Arnold! Come on, Thanksgiving 2017!Hey Arnold!SourceTBT SongWhen I was a baby and wouldn’t go to sleep, my dad used to put on Eddie Money’s song “Gimme Some Water” and rock me to sleep. Nine times out of ten I would be out by the end of the song. This is crazy, but to this day, I still get kind of sleepy when I listen to this song.

Tell me about a book, TV show, and/or song from your past that you still love!