Graphic Novel Review: Username: Evie by Joe Sugg

Username EvieAuthor: Joe Sugg / Matt Whyman

Illustrator:  Amrit Birdi

Publisher: Running Press

Publication Date: September 22, 2015

192 pages, paperback

Check out the full synopsis on Goodreads.

I feel like I should’ve known better, but I think that Joe Sugg is super funny (check out his YouTube channel ThatcherJoe) so I wanted to check it out and I wanted to like it so much. Plus the art on the cover looked pretty cool, but it was A LIE. I was more disappointed than I should have been – again, I should have known better.

Why this is bad:

  • The story is ridiculously fast-paced. There is zero time to actually get to know and therefore care about any of the characters. It rushed through everything that happened and led to a very confusing and muddled plotline.
  • The characters are flat in more ways than one.
    • The artwork has no movement whatsoever and all of the characters are 2D because of it.
    • But their personalities are also super flat and boring. There’s no explanation for why Mallory – Evie’s cousin – hates her so much; the science isn’t explained – although the idea of a virtual world that is influenced by a person’s thoughts/actions is pretty cool; I just didn’t care about anyone.
  • The art. JFC. It’s just bad. Sometimes the characters aren’t proportional; sometimes Evie and Mallory look like the same person which is confusing. The art is flat and emotionless and bland, despite the vibrant colors.
  • The writing. I’ll say that the idea is pretty cool, but the writing is not. The characters – mostly Evie – feel the need to constantly explain what they are doing or why something won’t work or that they are currently running. Okay, not the last one, but that’s what it felt like. Instead of showing the reader what was happening through the art or through dialogue, we are flat out told in long explanatory thought boxes. It was exhausting and unnecessary and annoying.

The bottom line: I was NOT a fan of this graphic novel. From flat art and characters to unnecessary explanations, Username: Evie is just not a good book.

Rating: 3 – Horrible; why am I reading this?


The lovely Cristina over at Girl in the Pages started Sunday Funday as a way to recap the bookish (and not-so-bookish) things that have happened that week. I thought it’d be a really fun way to keep you guys up to date on what I’ve been reading, reviewing, and wanting to read but also to tell you a little bit more about myself outside of my book love. I think I’ll tailor the post each week to what I’ve done but I will always try to include a book haul and a new book or two that I’ve added to my want-to-read list. 🙂

June 30 – July 6, 2014

This was a great week for me! I started my temporary job at the University Press of Mississippi as a marketing aide as well as my permanent job at Morton Public Library as a circulation clerk. But I also got ANOTHER JOB! I believe I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago that I had started an internship for Month9Books. Well, this week I was offered a part-time position!! I am basically a publisher’s assistant, and I will do some event assistance as well. I’m so excited.

Also, my “big” came to visit me for the 4th of July weekend. We mostly just hung out and caught up, but on Friday my family had a little party: a BBQ and a bunch of fireworks. It was a lot of fun, and I’m glad my big was able to come hang out for a few days.

Big and me

I also bought a car! Yep, finally! I haven’t had my own car since I moved back from Scotland at the end of last year. The guy I’m buying it from is putting new tires on it, so I’ll be picking it up tomorrow. I’ll post pics in next week’s Sunday Funday! It is a Chevy Impala. Used, obviously, but it’s got great mileage and it looks awesome! I’m pumped, hence all the exclamation points!

Today marked the beginning of the Summer Blogger Promo Tour; my first post for the Tour was a feature on Jen at Ink on the Shelf. I was featured over on The YA Club. Make sure you check out both of these blogs. They are wonderful!

Coming up on the blog this week, I’ll be doing some reviews of children’s books – you can read more about that below. I’ll also be posting a review (or two) of a graphic novel – again, more below. There will, of course, be a Top Ten Tuesday and a Waiting on Wednesday.

Books read: This week I read and reviewed Say What You Will. I also read The Black Hour, which will be reviewed on WatchPlayRead. It should be up tomorrow, so make sure you go check it out!

Also, as I said earlier, I started a job as a Circulation Clerk at a local library. I’ve only been there two days and I absolutely LOVE my job; I’ve got a lot of exciting opportunities/programs in the works with my branch manager. I only work with two people: the branch manager who loves comic books and graphic novels and the children’s librarian who loves children’s books. I am all about expanding my horizons so they will be recommending books for me and I will be doing the same for them (mostly YA). It’s a great atmosphere at this library; no one judges you for what you like to read. I hope to review 2-3 children’s books and 1-2 graphic novels a week. My first review (of Sophie’s Squash) will be up on the blog tomorrow morning! I’ll also be reviewing The Day I Swapped by Dad for Two Goldfish and Long Night Moon this week.

I know that these reviews are very different from what I usually post, but I hope you guys will enjoy them just as much. I’m having a lot of fun reading them!

TBR: This week I’ll be reading these two graphic novels: Saga and The Sea of Monsters (the graphic novelization of The Sea of Monsters – Percy Jackson and the Olympians #2). I’m also going to read The Strain this week, as well as Everything Leads to You – hopefully.

Non-bookish things I’m excited about:

MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW! You know, I act like I’m all excited, but I’m not really. I’m only excited because I’m picking up my car tomorrow and it means I’ll be seeing my friend Georgie in a week (as well as The Neighbourhood for the 4th time!). I’ll be 24 if you wanted to know. 🙂

My awesome friend Jo (aka Drifting Pages) sent me a sweet package of Jammie Dodgers and Jaffa Cakes and this super awesome card that I just LOVE. I think I’m going to get a frame for it.

Adventure is waiting card

Teen Wolf. Duh. I really don’t even need to say it anymore, do I? If you’re interested, I recapped and reviewed last week’s episode “117” HERE.

What did you lovely people get up to this week? Did you read any good books or have anything exciting happen?