#YearofHappy – I’m gonna pop some tags


Back in January, I told you guys that I was participating in Allisonleighann and October June‘s #YearofHappy with the love letter I wrote to myself. This month’s prompt was this:

Go to a thrift shop or dollar store and buy the weirdest, goofiest, strangest things you can find – anything that makes you happy! Then, make a haul post or (better yet) a video sharing what you bought. Don’t spend more than $10 and remember to have fun!

You may have noticed that it’s the last day of February. Nothing like waiting until the absolute last minute, right? It happens. Today, after babysitting for four hours, visiting BAM, and picking up a month’s worth of comics at my local comic book shop, I headed over to the Goodwill near me to see what I could find. I ended up pulling up about fifteen minutes before they closed, but this gave me plenty of time – at least to me. In my head, fifteen minutes means fifteen minutes. According the absolutely HORRID lady working there, it meant about five minutes and then her staring at me with the evil eye until I decided to just buy the few things I had in my hands and leave. After, of course, she rang up my items, was absolutely rude to me even though I turned up my friendly to eleven, and barely wrapped my vase up and shoved it into the bag. I could do a whole rant about the fact that this was her job and if you work in customer service, you should learn how to actually be friendly, but this post is supposed to be a happy one.

So, not a great experience. I didn’t leave all that happy about the few minutes in the store. BUT I did find a few cool things that I’m excited to use. Let me show you what I got!


I got this really pretty vase for $3! I’ll probably end up never using it, but it was too pretty to pass up!


I also picked up this beaten up copy of The Hunger Games, which – don’t hate me – I plan to use for some kind of art project. I bought the copy of Let It Snow, even though I own it already. I’m not sure what I’ll be using it for – probably adding it to a giveaway in the future.


Sorry for the crap photo! Black records are really hard to capture. Whatever. I picked these up because I’ve been wanting to do some kind of art project with them. Again, not sure what I want to do with them, but I might paint on them or cut them up or something.

So, my grand total for the whole trip was $5.35! Even though I had a not-so-great time at the actual store, I’m pretty excited about what I bought, and I can’t wait to get crafty and make some cool things. Plus, I was listening to the Belzhar audiobook on the way home which I’m really enjoying so it made up for the whole encounter with the rude lady because I got to disappear into a good book for a little while.

I hope you’ve all had an absolutely wonderful February. I’ll be doing my February wrap up tomorrow. ❤ you all!