Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Delights

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. Today’s theme was:

Top Ten Bookworm Delights

Sitting out on the porch with a good book: Is there really anything better than sitting outside on a beautiful day with a good book (and maybe a cup of coffee…or three)? It gets even better when you get to lie in a hammock and swing in the wind. Yeah, if you couldn’t guess, that’s really where I wish I was right now.

Book events: Being surrounded by other bookish people at an event all about books is a book nerd’s paradise.

Reading an entire book in one lazy Saturday: I just recently did this on Saturday with THE RAVEN KING and it was glorious and exactly what I needed.

The feeling you get when you hold a book in your hands that you’ve been waiting months and months for: Um. Again with THE RAVEN KING. I waited over a year and a half for this book, waiting to see if the things I thought were going to happen actually happened, waiting to see what happened to Gansey, waiting to see how one of my absolute favorite series EVER ended. And when I drove out to the bookstore, walked back to the teen section, and found the book on the shelf, I could’ve cried. I literally hugged it to my chest as I walked to the register. It’s such a good feeling.

Convincing one of my teens at the library to read one of my favorite books and they text me constantly about it: This is such a good feeling. My teens trust me and my tastes so much that they come into the library (or text me) just to ask me what they should read next. And when they come back in after they’ve read it to rave about how much they loved it, it makes me feel so good. Or when they text me the entire time they’re reading it with updates, I love it.

Deckled pages: I don’t really have a reason for this other than the fact that deckled pages are so freaking beautiful. And they feel really cool too.

Meeting one of your favorite authors: Being able to meet a person who wrote a book that made you feel all the feels, a person who created a world that you lived in for a little while (or that you wish you could still live in), a person that you might’ve even interacted with on Twitter and just adore is SO FREAKING COOL.

Picking up your pull-list at your local comic book shop: This one is delightful because of just how fun it is. I usually go to my comic book shop once a month, so by the time I come in, I have a decent sized stack to pick up. When I walk in the shop, they know who I am (sometimes you want to go where everybody knows you name. Lol), and they take my pull out of the box and I just love it.

Book mail: Checking the mail and finding a book waiting for you can completely change how a day has gone. It can make a day that was really horrible a whole lot better.

Book-inspired art: Whether this is a print or a coffee mug or a really awesomely designed quote, book-inspired art can brighten up your walls, your computer background, and your life. Here’s one of my favorite bookish mugs and a print from Oliver Jeffers.

What are your favorite bookish delights?