SUNDAY FUNDAY: February 2015 Wrap-up

The lovely Cristina over at Girl in the Pages started Sunday Funday as a way to recap the bookish (and not-so-bookish) things that have happened that week.

Hello, lovelies! February has come and gone and it is MARCH FIRST. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO TIME?! …anyway, as I said back in January, I’m going to wrap up each month by showing you the quotes I’ve saved in my book memories can.

This is the Life - Book memories challenge

“The old black dog was back, or maybe it had never gone away. I knew that Louis had always had it snapping at his heels.” – Loc. 572 (ARC)
I like the description of depression as a dog, chasing at you and barking, hope to take a bite of your heels. GR / My review on WatchPlayRead

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - Book memories challenge

“People talk about books being an escape…this one feels more like a lifeline.” – Page 153-154
Does this one really need an explanation? GR / my review of TSPOLAFS (Wow) will be up this week


“No, Lila had been running toward something. Something better. And even if she hadn’t reached it yet, she would.” – Loc. 1593 (ARC)
I’m running toward something better. Always. GR / My review

To Be a Cat

“A boy who had no ideea what would happen in his life, or where it would take him, but one thing he was sure of was this – he would always try and be himself.” – Page 289
I try to always, always be myself. No matter what. No matter where I am or where I’ll go. GR


“Escape is impossible, so why no embrace it?” – Page 277
B and I are trying to escape different things, but the quote works for both of us. Just embrace the challenge. GR / My review

It's the End of the World as We Know It

“Q: How many mad scientists does it take to change a light bulb? A: Two. One to hold the bulb, the other one to turn the universe.” – Loc. 14 (ARC)

I just love that. No reason really, other than the idea that someone could turn the universe around them is fascinating and wonderful. GR / My review

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

“I fall a little bit in love with everyone.” – ARC page 32
Speaks for itself, I think. GR / Review soon!

I also read/listened to the audiobooks for The Funny Thing is… by Ellen DeGeneres and Spirit Animals Book 1: Wild Born by Brandon Mull.

So far in 2015, I have read:

19 books (well, one DNF at 50%) which is 5,608 pages
3 audiobooks
2 trade paperbacks
36 single issue comics

Favorite book in February: A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab / My review
Least favorite book in February: Tear You Apart by Sarah Cross. I had to DNF this one. You can read my review to find out why.
Favorite post to write in February: I think I’ll have to go with my Thursday Thoughts post on mood reading. It seems like a lot of you can relate and feel my pain. I love talking to you guys about bookish (and not-so-bookish) stuff!

A few other updates:

The Bloggers’ Book Club I was working on with April at Bookishly Speaking is HERE!! Our first read (for March) is The Glass Arrow by Kristen Simmons. Head over to  the Goodreads group and sign up!

I met another Mississippi book blogger this month! I wrote about it in one of my Seize the Tuesday posts. If you live in or near MS, definitely let me know! We’re working on planning a meet up. 🙂

Coming up in March is my ONE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY! I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for a year. Look out for a giveaway near the end of the month! ❤

How was your February? What did you read?

The 2015 Book Memories Challenge

You guys remember how I said I was only participating in four challenges this year? Well, I lied. Sort of. I saw Ursula Uriarte post on Instagram about the Book Memories Challenge hosted by Grown Up Fangirl. I thought this was an amazing idea. Basically, you find a container and every time you read a book, you write down a quote from said book and put it in your container. At the end of the year, you get them all out and read them to see what passages or words or quotes meant something to you. How cool is that? I already write down some of my favorite lines in a notebook that I keep with me at all times when reading, so this was a perfect challenge for me. I suppose it’s not really a challenge though, more of a way to document lines in books that mean something to you. Either way, I love the idea and I jumped on board. So far, I have 5 quotes in my container and I can’t wait to keep on filling it up. I think this is going to be a perfect way to document my reading for the year but more fun than just keeping up with it on Goodreads. I love finding quotes that speak to me. After Sarah Shotts asked me if I’d posted about it on my blog (which I hadn’t), I knew you guys would probably be interested and thought I’d share. If you want to participate, the hashtag designated is #bookmemorieschallenge15. Also, don’t stress: you don’t have to post a picture of every quote. I’m taking a picture of each one next to the book, but I’m only posting one every once in a while. However, I thought I’d share the first five with you so you could see what I’ve written down so far. 🙂

First, here’s a picture of the container I found to use and what I’m writing my quotes down on (due date cards that we no longer use at the library):

Book Memories Challenge 2015 And now, here’s the first five quotes I’ve found for the challenge. I’ll include the full quote beneath it in case you can’t read my writing!

Throne of Glass quote

“Still, the image haunted his dreams throughout the night: a lovely girl gazing at the stars, and the stars who gazed back.”

Dash & Lily's Book of Dares

“I wanted to believe I could be somebody in here just for me.”

The Iron Trial

“And despite himself, despite the terrible thing he was doing, despite all of it, Call began to grin.”

Girl Online

“Sometimes you have to face up to your fears to realize that they aren’t actually real.”

Never Never

“Her eyes are like two open books, and I suddenly want to devour every page.”

So there you have it, the first five entries into my book memories challenge jar for 2015. Would you guys be interested in me posting more of these as I go along? Maybe doing a monthly recap using these or should I post them as I read? Are you participating in the Book Memories challenge? If so, are you posting them anywhere that I could see? I’m nosy. 🙂