BookBlogWriMo – My Review Process


Welcome to BookBlogWriMo day 13! The theme today is “Your Review Process.”

It’s funny that this is the theme today as I just got done writing a review (of Afterworlds – up tomorrow). I’m trying to think of what my process was while writing it, but I don’t know if I really have one.

Let’s see.

  1. I always, always, always take notes while I write. I have a notebook that I keep with me, and if a passage, sentence, few words stand out to me, I write down the page number and whatever stood out. If I have a feeling while reading or a reaction to something, I write that down too. If I can, I site a page number for that as well, so if I need to, I can go reread it to feel it again. General thoughts about the book or characters or writing go in the notebook too.
  2. When I finish the book, I immediately write down what I think in that notebook as well. I try to write out a general review outline, maybe even a few sentences that I’ll use in the review. As much as I like to do this, sometimes I don’t always have time.
  3. If I have time, I’ll write a review of the book that day, but that pretty much never happens. Since I don’t usually do it that day, I just try to write the review in the few days after I’ve finished the book. I find that if I wait too long after I’ve finished reading to write the reviews, my feelings and thoughts completely leave me. This is because I’m reading other books in between finishing that previous one and writing the review, and so my reactions to that previous book will be pushed aside for the new book. Does that make sense? I honestly don’t know how some people could write an in-depth review months later.
  4. Once I sit down to write my review, I’m pretty much good. My review kind of just flows out of me, and I think that the format for each review is different. What I talk about and where depends on the book, so I don’t stick to one specific format. Of course, I have my bottom line and rating, but what happens in between that and the pub info depends on the book. I just write my honest reaction to the book and whatever happens happens. 🙂

What is your review process? Any tips for writing you want to share?

#BookBlogWriMo: #Top10Tuesday – Most Popular Posts

Today is BookBlogWriMo’s eleventh day. I’m sorry I’ve been a little absent on this front, but I was really busy and I didn’t like/want to write about a few of the themes. BUT I’m back.


The theme today is “#Top10Tuesday – Most Popular Posts.” I was definitely interested to see which posts were my most popular. So here’s my list! (My home page, About Me, and Rating System were my top, but those don’t really count, do they?)

  1. Sneak Peek Review: Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins – it’s interesting that my sneak peek review is more popular than the whole book review, but I suppose it’s been around longer.
  2. Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Unique Books – this was a fun TTT. I am a huge fan of unique books, so I had fun compiling this list.
  3. Book Review: Dorothy Must Die – Also interesting that my post popular book review is for one I didn’t really like
  4. Top Ten Tuesday: Book Boyfriends – Book Boyfriends are pretty wonderful, aren’t they?
  5. Book Review: The Maze Runner by James Dashner – Happy to see this review on the list. I mean, it is my first ever post.
  6. Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’d recommend if you haven’t tried dystopian fiction – My favorite genre!
  7. The problem with books – This is one of my favorite posts I’ve written, so yay for it being one of my most popular!
  8. Life of a Blogger: Collections – This was a fun post. Do you guys like posts in which I talk about my every day life? Where you get to learn more things about me?
  9. Facebook’s “10 books that have meant something to you” challenge – Usually those Facebook challenges or tags irritate me, but this one was bookish, so I had to share!
  10. A love letter to books – This post speaks for itself. I love books and I loved writing this post.

BookBlogWriMo: Where I Blog


Today is day five of BookBlogWriMo. The topic is “Where You Blog.”

I’m really rather boring when it comes to this topic. I blog on my laptop while curled up in the corner of my couch. My laptop is my favorite place to blog, as I am not a fan of blogging on my phone (though I do answer comments from my phone if I’m at work or out and about).

Sometimes if I’m tired of being at home or can’t concentrate or any number of reasons, I’ll take my laptop, books, and notebook with book notes to a local café for a cup of coffee, a scone, and free wifi. Or to the local library, though I end up just looking at books instead of working.

But overall, my favorite spot is my couch with a cup of coffee, my laptop, and some show (TWD, Gotham, Arrow, Project Runway) on in the background. Bet you weren’t expecting Project Runway, were you? Haha.

So what about you? Where do you blog?

BookBlogWriMo: Why I Blog

Today’s topic for BookBlogWriMo is “Why You Blog.”

I’m tempted to say, “Because I love books,” and just leave it at that. But I won’t even though that’s pretty much what it boils down to.

I blog because I love to talk about books. I blog because I love to talk to people who love books about books. I blog because it makes me happy. I blog because it helps me to think critically about what I’m reading. I blog because I like to connect with people over things we’ve both loved. I blog because I get to talk to people civilly about why we don’t agree on a book. I blog because sometimes I’m not sure how I feel about a book but through writing a review, I figure out why. And because reading other people’s reviews about books confirms that even if it seems everyone else loved a book, I’m not the only one who didn’t. Or vice versa.

Blogging keeps me busy. It keeps me sane. It keeps me happy. Blogging is cathartic.

It allows me to talk passionately about something I love: books.

I blog because I love books.

Why do you blog?

I love books