Life of a Blogger: 101 things I love

Life of a Blogger is a weekly meme hosted by the bookish blog Novel Heartbeat. The meme is a way for bloggers to talk about non-bookish topics and get to know one another!

Normally you upload your post on Thursday, but I just found this meme (and it says you can upload it whenever you want). I thought this would be a fun way to talk about some things other than books. And I’m only a day late. This seemed like a fun challenge to come up with 101 things that I love.

I’m just going to list the things as they come to mind, so they’re in no particular order. Here we go:

  1. Coffee
  2. Books. Obviously.
  3. Burt’s Bees chapstick
  4. Mismatched socks
  5. My family
  6. Going to concerts
  7. Going to the movie theater
  8. Band t-shirts
  9. Blogging
  10. Talking about books
  11. Music (I have wide ranging tastes in music: post-hardcore, indie, pop punk, pop, oldies, some rap. No country)
  12. Lists
  13. Ampersands
  14. Tattoos
  15. Fall weather
  16. Coffee mugs
  17. Cheese
  18. Edinburgh, Scotland
  19. TARDIS-es (is that the plural? Or is it TARDI? Lol)
  20. Meeting authors and getting books signed
  21. Painting
  22. Superhero movies
  23. The fresh smell after it rains
  24. Making people laugh
  25. Tom and Jerry
  26. Bookish people
  27. Caddy Shack Peace Tea
  28. The sound of the coffee pot percolating
  29. Train rides by yourself
  30. The Neighbourhood
  31. Arrows
  32. Babies falling asleep on your chest
  33. The smell of freshly baked bread
  34. The smell of gasoline
  35. YouTubers
  36. Traveling
  37. Mangoes
  38. Converse
  39. Vans (I love both)
  40. Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch Ben & Jerry’s
  41. The color green
  42. Getting into bed after a long day
  43. Hot showers
  44. Big sweatshirts
  45. The Chicago Bulls
  46. Long drives alone
  47. Long drives with friends
  48. Meryl Streep
  49. Candles
  50. Things with mustaches
  51. Shooting hoops
  52. Killing zombies with my brother (CoD)
  53. Getting mail
  54. Painting my nails
  55. Meeting new people
  56. Oreos
  57. Walking/running
  58. Freckles
  59. Puppies
  60. Having no hair (yes, I love it. So many advantages)
  61. Random (but appreciated) encouragement from friends (Alex, I’m looking at you, kid)
  62. Sharpies
  63. Bagels with cream cheese
  64. Hugs
  65. AP Magazine
  66. Laughing
  67. Apple juice
  68. Harry Potter
  69. Ian Rankin
  70. Mississippi University for Women
  71. Mean Girls (the movie, not bitches)
  72. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  73. Pillows
  74. Dreamcatchers
  75. The sound of the tattoo gun
  76. Being crafty
  77. Crunchy Cheetos
  78. Dylan O’Brien
  79. Bates Motel
  80. Unique marketing campaigns (I’m a dork, I know)
  81. Learning new skills
  82. Villains (like Ben Linus in Lost. I LOVE him!)
  83. Loki
  84. Mythology
  85. Cheesy potato soup made by my mom
  86. Donnie Darko
  87. Twenty One Pilots
  88. Owls
  89. When authors favorite your tweets
  90. Getting new CD’s (yes, I prefer actual discs)
  91. Gary Oldman
  92. The warmth of a comforter right out of the dryer
  93. Waking up early (I’m a morning person)
  94. Losing yourself in a good book
  95. Edinburgh Castle
  96. Nando’s
  97. Psychological thriller movies
  98. Disney movies
  99. The song Weightless by All Time Low
  100. The number 8
  101. Being myself

Wow! This was harder than I thought it was going to be. What things would be on your list?