Bat Appreciation Day | Batman Comics

Hey guys! So according to Holiday Insights, today is Bat Appreciation Day. Now, they definitely meant it as a day to appreciate boring old, regular bats. BUT as soon as I saw it, I immediately thought of Batman (I mean, what else would I think about?). So I thought it’d be fun to share some of my favorite Batman comics/story lines/etc. with you. Definitely know that this list is NOT meant to represent ALL of the best Batman comics out there, because there are a ton of Batman comics. These are just 8 of my favorite Batman comics and graphic novels.

8 Awesome Batman Comics

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth by Grant Morrison, illustrated by Dave McKean

A Death in the Family by Jim Starlin, penciller: Jim Aparo, inker: Mike DeCarlo

The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb, illustrated by Time Sale

The Killing Joke by Alan Moore, illustrated by Brian Bolland

Batman & Robin – Batman Reborn by Grant Morrison

AND Peter J. Tomasi’s run)

The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller

Batman: Eternal by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and more

So happy Bat Appreciation Day! Have you guys read any of these Batman comics? 

8 thoughts on “Bat Appreciation Day | Batman Comics

  1. I’ve actually never read a Batman comic even though he is my favorite superhero. I was addicted to the cartoon as a kid and he’s remained my favorite superhero for my entire life. I love that he’s just a human but he’s such a badass that he contend with the superheroes/villains just as well!

    I’ll definitely have to check out some of these comics out, thanks for sharing!

  2. Awww ye! Batman all day, every day! 😛 Nice list, those are definitely volumes that people should check out. I haven’t read both Batman & Robin series yet (but I sure as hell plan to!). Can’t wait to check them out. And Happy Bat Appreciation Day to you too!

    – Lashaan

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