ARC Review: The First Time She Drowned by Kerry Kletter

The First Time She Drowned by Kerry KletterAuthor: Kerry Kletter

Genre: Young adult, contemporary

Publisher: Philomel Books

Publication Date: March 15, 2016

352 pages, hardcover

Check out the full synopsis on Goodreads.

I’ve been finding it difficult to write this review. For several reasons, I suppose. It’s so lovely, and I know no matter how I say it, my words will never be able to properly describe just how beautiful Kerry’s prose is. And don’t you find it difficult to talk about books that seemed to have crawled into your heart to live?

So I’ll start with what I said on Goodreads immediately after finishing the book:
Wow. Compelling, emotional, raw, and real with some of the most beautiful prose I’ve ever read.

Let’s talk about that prose, okay? It’s so real and enthralling and gorgeous. I love all of the allusions and metaphors for the ocean and water throughout the book, and you can really feel that in the ebb and flow of Kerry’s prose. It pulls you in the way your feet sink into the sand right at the water’s edge. I was sucked in from the very beginning; all you’d have to do is read the prologue and you’ll be pulled in immediately.

This book is the perfect one to recommend to those adults who think YA books aren’t for them. It’s the definition of a crossover book. TFTSD is intelligent and sensitive, emotionally mature and sophisticated. This book is difficult but realistic, heavy and serious but needed. It’s about the way we see ourselves and how those around us can change that. There are some seriously difficult themes but there is also hope and I think that was my favorite part of all.

The bottom line: An emotionally difficult and serious book that deals with those things in some of the most beautiful prose I’ve ever read.

Shout out to Brittany from Brittany’s Book Rambles who was kind enough to get me an ARC!

6 thoughts on “ARC Review: The First Time She Drowned by Kerry Kletter

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  2. When I heard about this book, I didn’t have that much intention of reading it (even after reading reviews for it), but the way you talked about how beautifully the prose was in this book and how gorgeous the writing it, I can’t help but wonder if I should get a copy next time I get to the bookstore. Awesome review, and now I really want to read this book!

  3. I do believe that I first heard about this book through you on Twitter. I had not heard anything about this book before and I have only seen one review for it. I wasn’t sure if it would be as good as it sounded, but this review makes me really excited to read it. Love this review!

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