Thursday Thoughts: Andi’s ABCs Pocket Letter Exchange

Last month I signed up to participate in Andi’s (from Andi’s ABCs) Pocket Letter project. According to Andi’s post, “Pocket Letters are penpal letters in. pocket format. Basically, you fill all the pockets of a 9 Pocket Page Protector (or similar) and send. ~Pocket Letter Pals.” I love being crafty and making fun things for people, so I immediately jumped on this. I was paired with the super lovely Erica from Escape Under the Cover and she completely blew me away with her pocket letter. I had to share with you!

We had to fill out a little form with information about ourselves, so, of course, I included that I’m a big Potterhead – so Erica designed and created an entire pocket letter that was HP themed! Every single thing she included was Harry Potter related. SO COOL!


This is what the overall letter looked like. It was obvious right away what the theme was and I got so excited as I started looking at all the pieces.


One of the pocket had to be dedicated to an actual letter to your partner, so Erica addressed the letter to Mr. H. Potter – how cute is that?! If you look at the overall letter above, you’ll see that the pocket the letter was in was actually labelled Owl Post, which is adorable. The letter explained how each of the pockets fit into the theme.


Erica also included a snake ring to represent Nagini. It was a perfect fit – in fact, I’ve pretty much worn it every day since I got the letter. I LOVE it! I’ve gotten several compliments on it as well.


In the middle pockets, Erica put five bookmarks that she actually made herself! I got Harry, Hermioine, Ron, Luna, and Bellatrix! The last two are made from pages from the books, which is awesome (p.s. you should definitely check out Erica’s Etsy shop if you like these bookmarks because she sells them!).


The bottom right pocket was labelled as Vault 713 and included a Gringotts Wizarding Bank Receipt – this was a gift card to Barnes & Noble. I mean, just SO ADORABLE and thoughtful. I love how everything she included was tied into this theme.


The other three pockets were some sticker flags that were almost the house color, some chocolate just in case I’m attacked by dementors, and three recipes – for Fizzing Whizbees, Elven Lembas Bread (from Lord of the Rings), and Merida Rebel’s Cherry Topped Drop Cake (from Brave). I haven’t been able to make any of these yet, but I can’t wait to try them! Plus, all of the backgrounds for the pockets were pages from books 3-5.

I just can’t believe how much thought Erica put into the project, and I LOVE every single element she included.

Make sure you check out Erica’s Etsy shop if you are as in love with those bookmarks as I am!

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