Cold Weather Happiness #6: When being tired is worth it

cold weather happiness

Every Sunday during fall and winter (hopefully), I’m going to post what I’m calling “Cold Weather Happiness” – this could be anything from a song to a quote, a picture to a post about a person, lyrics to a description of a favorite place, anything that will remind me to be happy, to fight through the cold, dark place my mind goes to sometimes and remember that it’s not always like this. Read the full description in my first post.

When being tired is worth it

This past week I drove/was in the car for about 20 hours. I went to Meridian with some friends on Monday (1.5-ish hours each way) and Nashville through Birmingham with another friend (3.5 hours to Birmingham and 3 hours to Nashville each way), plus four days of to and from work (at least .5 hours each way). We also had our Holiday Open House at our library. So yeah, I’m kind of exhausted. I slept for like 11 hours last night. But it was worth it. Want to see what I did?

2015-12-08 01.03.17

On Monday, I went to Meridan to see Eddie Izzard. If you don’t know who he is, educate yourself. I’m kidding. But for real. He’s an actor and comedian from the UK, and he’s absolutely hilarious. You should really look him up on YouTube if you need a good laugh. We were only 8 rows back, so we had fantastic seats. I wish I could share some of his bits from the show, but I don’t think they’d translate well into typed words. However, I’ll just say that I haven’t laughed that hard in a LONG time. Totally worth the 3 hour round trip after a full day of work.

2015-12-09 20.46.49

On Wednesday, I drove through Birmingham to meet up with a friend and then we continued on to Nashville to see the lovely Eric Hutchinson – who I was seeing for the second time, her for the third. It was an all acoustic show, which was absolutely wonderful. The opener was a comedian named Gareth Reynolds and he was pretty funny. Eric, of course, was fantastic, and he played a lot of my favorites – including Tell the World, A Little More, Rock & Roll, Ok, It’s Alright with Me,  Breakdown More (I could go on and on, but I’ll stop there).

So even though I exhausted myself a bit this week, I got to hang out with some good people and I saw two amazing shows that had me laughing so hard I almost cried and singing along to my heart’s content. What a wonderful week.

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