Thursday Thoughts: My New YA Library Book Club Read The Raven Boys and LOVED It

Monday night, I had my first young adult book club at the library. I chose The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater for our first read (duh). I was a little worried that my teens weren’t going to like it – not because it isn’t GREAT (because it is. Like, seriously), The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvaterbut because it is quite different from most of the books I’ve seen them read. I was so overwhelmed with happiness at their reactions to the book and our discussion, which, by the way, lasted an hour and a half! We talked about the characters and the setting (we loved everything about both), the magic and the journey that each of the characters are on, what all of the characters are looking for (like Adam is looking for a family and Ronan is looking for redemption) and which of the characters was everyone’s favorite (Ronan, obviously). We discussed the fact that the romance was more of an underlying theme in the book and that the friendships and bonds between the characters was the most important aspect. We chatted about Blue and how being the only non-psychic in her family makes her different from a group of people that are already different and how that shaped who she was as a person. We swooned over characters (mostly Ronan and Gansey) and were creeped out by others (Whelk and Noah – half of us loved Noah and half thought he was weird). It was a brilliant discussion and I was so impressed with my teens.

I promise this isn’t a whole post about me being excited and happy with the turnout (even though I TOTALLY AM). One thing I asked them to do was to come up with ONE word to describe each of the characters and the book overall. I adore this series, so I thought it’d be fun to share these descriptions with you guys.

Relatable // Underdog // Brave // Emotionally strong (okay, two words. Whatever)

Irritating (she wanted me to point out she only felt this way at first) // The perfect guy // Smart // Huggable (she didn’t want me to share this one but it’s too cute)

Spunky // Quirky // Sassy // Outsider // Relatable

Creepy // Confusing // Weird // Wonderful // They liked his name

RONAN (aka my boo)
Dangerous // *heart eyes emoji* // Indescribable // Sweet AND salty // Bada$$ (she said bad a-word. Lolz.) // Everyone’s favorite

Sad // Intelligent // Mesmerizing // Complex // Smoldering (I said this one and they all agreed) // Enchanting // Perfect (I was over the moon when they said this)


As I’m sure you can all imagine, I was unbelievably happy about their reaction and the fact that it went so well. After our discussion, I told them I was going to let them make suggestions for our next read and then we’d draw it out of a hat if we couldn’t come to a consensus. This was when my little librarian heart grew three sizes: they said they’d actually rather I decide because they trust my judgment and they knew I’d get them to read something they wouldn’t usually pick. I could have CRIED, you guys. I gave them a few suggestions and told them what the books were about (and maybe got a little too passionate about a few of them), and they decided to go with…MOSQUITOLAND by David Arnold. YES YES YES. I cannot wait to discuss this book with them! We also decided on the two months following September: we’ll be reading I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson (asdfjkl) and The Young Elites by Marie Lu (ASDFJKL;). I’m just really glad that I’ve got teens who are willing to try new things and who want to read and who love TRB and…

I just have a lot feelings gif

15 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: My New YA Library Book Club Read The Raven Boys and LOVED It

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  3. Reading this made my heart melt with happiness! This is so wonderful and good job! This is amazing and I’m going to cry now because I want this in real life too!
    That’s wonderful that you had such an engaging discussion where everyone talks together. I find that nowadays young adults/teens don’t connect and engage in discussions very often and when I’m in group discussions about a book in my English class I find myself discussing everything… It feels like I’m talking to a slightly responsive wall.
    But congratulations and I’m so excited for you! 💕💕💕

  4. I haven’t even read TRB and this post gave me feelings. It sounds like you’re a really positive influence in these kids’ lives. I’m so happy for you. 🙂

  5. This makes me SO HAPPY. I’m relieved to know that actual teens love this series as much as we do, since everyone I know who’s read it is an adult. I’m also happy that Ronan is still the favorite. (*heart eyes emoji* is accurate.) Are you going to finish the series in later months? I can’t wait to hear what they think of Pynch. (I’m assuming no one’s picked up on it yet?)

    Your next choices are also fantastic! You know how much I love Mosquitoland, and I’ll Give You the Sun is one of my absolute favorites. I’m so glad your teens are letting you pick for them and aren’t afraid to branch out. You should definitely feel proud of yourself. 😀

    Are there boys in the group? I’m trying to think back to my teen days at the library, and there were a couple, but it was mostly girls.

    • It makes me SUPER happy that they loved it too! I can’t wait to see what they think of the other books.

      There aren’t boys yet. We had a few volunteer over the summer that I’m hoping to bring back in. I think The Young Elites will help with that. I hope.

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