Summer Blogger Promo Tour: Ri from Hiver et Cafe

Summer Blogger Promo Tour 2015
Last year I had SO much fun with the Summer Blogger Promo Tour hosted by The Book Bratz, so when sign ups opened for this year’s tour, I HAD to sign up! Every Sunday until the end of August, I’ll be hosting someone from a different blog so you can get to know them! Today the tour kicks off with Ri from Hiver et Cafe. She’s talking about real or fictional places she’d love to visit. Read her post and then go check out her blog!
Hi! I’m Ri! I run the blog Hiver et Cafe! Here are the Top 5 places fictional or non fictional that I’d absolutely LOVE to visit. 
Greece & Percy Jackson series 
 They’re both kind of related. While none of the Percy Jackson series actually takes place in Greece, the follow up – Heroes of Olympus, does take place(ish) in Greece. This series is one of the reasons that I’m so into reading and also the reason for my love of the Classics and mythology. It’s because of this series that I’ve always wanted to go to Greece and to really see the ruins myself. Also, have you seen the pictures of Mykonos? The ocean and the whole place just looks so incredibly gorgeous!Parthenon_540Hogwarts
I mean. Who doesn’t want to go to Hogwarts? Though preferably any time that is not in the same timeline of the books, because I’d love to not get caught up in the war. And also I’m a Slytherin, so there’s that. I just would love for magic to be real.
Prague & Daughter of Smoke and Bone
Daughter of Smoke and Bone is one of my favourite series and the first book starts out in the city of Prague. The way that Laini Taylor describes Prague is just so beautiful that it makes me really want to visit. I’m also really into old architecture and photography so it sounds like a really gorgeous city to document and photograph.

Charles Bridge morning

London & Every Word
London is just one of those places that I’ve always wanted to go. There’s so much history and awesome architecture!
Seoul, Korea & Hello, I Love You
Korea is one of those places that I’ve been really interested in because I enjoy Kpop and the culture there. I would absolutely love to go and visit some day and experience the country in person rather than through video or through novel.


 Thank you so much Stefani for having me on your blog! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Summer Blogger Promo Tour: Ri from Hiver et Cafe

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  2. I LOVE that Ri is a Slytherin like myself haha. All of the places she mentioned above are on my bucketlist as well! ❤ I shall tag along if you ever decide to make a trip into these beautiful places. 😉

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