The I Am More Happy Than Not Tag

I was tagged by Joey at Thoughts and Afterthoughts to do the I Am More Happy Than Not Tag, which was adapted by Shelumiel @ Bookish and Awesome as a companion to Adam Silvera’s upcoming novel More Happy Than Not. Joey says there are no rules for the tag other than to “highlight ways you’ve been able to express happiness from the things—big and small—in your life.” Thanks for the tag, Joey! I’m super excited for More Happy Than Not, so this was a fun way to fill the time until publication!

Disclaimer: The image used in this tag was created by Lumi himself.

I am more happy than not when…

I sit down at the end of a long day with a cup of coffee and a good book.
I am driving down the road with the windows down and a song I love blaring through the speakers (most recent song obsessions: heavydirtysoul and Doubt by twenty one pilots)
Someone tells me they’ve read a book on my recommendation and LOVED it
I actually get to sleep in past 6 a.m.
A patron at the library is totally fine with me word-vomiting all over them while I give them recommendations
I Skype one of my best friends in Scotland for a chat because we’re always able to make each other laugh
I’m standing at the barrier surrounded by tons of strangers singing along at the top of my lungs with my favorite bands
My online job boss tells me I’m doing a great job and that she appreciates everything I do
I resurface after a few hours of being completely engrossed in a book

When I get restless and stressed and unhappy, I get more happy than not by taking a road trip, even if it’s only a few hours each way, taking a small road trip every few weeks helps settle me and my wanderlust. It makes me exceedingly happy to see new places, to meet new people, to be in the car by myself or with friends for hours just driving.

My family makes me more happy than not when we sit down for dinner and quote silly movies and joke about anything and everything.

Our new puppy and our crazy bird make me more happy than not when they cuddle up with me (definitely NOT at the same time).

Not going to lie (this might be silly), but getting mail (especially bookish mail) definitely makes me more happy than not. I love book mail or letters.

Whenever I’m at a book event surrounded by other bookish people, I’m way more happy than I usually am, and it just further confirms I should be working with books for the rest of my life.

I am more happy than not to help people with anything if I am able.

When I actually have time to paint or make art in one way or another, I am way more happy than I was before. Art is a release.

What makes you More Happy Than Not?

I’m tagging:

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AND YOU! Tell me why you are more happy than not.

26 thoughts on “The I Am More Happy Than Not Tag

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  2. Sheeesh. When I read the intro, I was like “wow I sound like some boss-y person making all these rules!” But I’m definitely glad you had fun writing this! I too enjoy word-vomiting any way I can. There’s no feeling like going blerrghhhhh all over a discussion!

    Also: I think I’m going to need some pictures of said puppy (I feel like I might have seen it before but maybe not ahhh).

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

  3. So many great things here!! I am happy with a cup of coffee and a good book, too. 😉 And when a good song comes on the radio, especially one from my childhood.

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  5. Thank you for tagging me! This sounds like a really fun tag to do!
    I love all your “more happy than nots” 🙂
    Book mail (or any mail) is always fun! I always get excited, even if I know what is coming.
    Sleeping in is always an amazing thing.
    I also love when people love a book that I recommend to them. I always get so happy about it. I feel like I accomplished something totally awesome, lol.

  6. “A cup of coffee and a good book,” yes please! Basically, your list makes me More Happy Than Not and I’m excited for you to meet Aaron, Genevieve and Thomas! Adam’s book comes out next week – aaaaahh!

    In the grand scheme of the universe, it may be nothing much, but people loving a book I recommended definitely boosts my happiness meter, too. It’s the little things in life, indeed, that get you. Thank you for doing the tag! 🙂

    • I will be at the bookstore the day MHTN comes out to buy it! I can’t wait! Been looking forward to it for months. 🙂 Love the tag! Thanks for creating it! 🙂 I feel like such a jerk, because I totally didn’t see that you’d tagged me until today! I’m updating my post to thank you as well. 🙂

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