Thursday Thoughts: Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda – Book Launch

Chances are if you’ve been on the blog anytime this year, you’ve seen me post about how much I love Becky Albertalli’s debut novel Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. I’ve reviewed it, kicked off the excerpt tour, and had an Oreogasm. I’ve also posted about it on Twitter or fangirled with Becky like 100 times. I adore her and her book, so when I found out she was having a book launch for Simon in Decatur (at Little Shop of Stories no less – one of my absolute favorite book shops), I knew I had to go. Who cares that it’s a 5 ½ hour drive? Not me. After I told Becky I was coming, we tweeted each other almost every day leading up to the event with just a bunch of exclamation points.

Becky and meCan I just take a moment to say how absolutely exciting it is to have an author just as excited to meet you as you are to meet them? I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of my favorite authors, but I’ve got to say that having Becky tweet me several times with the same excitement level I had was pretty much the coolest thing EVER.

So anyway, my librarian friend, Kayla, and I drove the 5 ½ hours to Decatur – which was a blast! – and headed over to Little Shop of Stories for the event. Meeting Becky for the first time was awesome! She is super cool and adorkable and was so appreciative of the fact that we drove over for the event that just her thanking me was worth it. But then she’d also brought me a finished copy of Simon that she’d wrote the sweetest note in. As you can guess, I pretty much hugged that book for the rest of the night. [Look how ADORABLE she is!  You can tell how happy I was from that smile.]

Becky talking

And then there was the event too.  Becky had brought ALL THE OREOS, which were obviously very delicious. Most especially the vodka infused ones. Yummmm. After some mingling and hob-knobbing, during which time Becky introduced me to Jeff Zentner, whose debut novel comes out next year, the event started. Becky gave an adorable intro to Simon and thank you to everyone who came, and then there was a Q&A – she talked about her writing process, the publication process, what it’s like writing her next book, and more. Then there was the signing. Since I already had a signed copy, I waited until the end to get another…check out the end of the post to see what I’m talking about!


This is when I met the super wonderful and chill David Arnold, author of Mosquitoland. He’d come down from Kentucky to support Becky, which is very cool. We talked about Mississippi and YA books and audiobooks. He signed my ARC that I won in a giveaway (Thanks again, David!). I also met Christina from A Reader of Fictions, who was SO SWEET. She gave Kayla and me a HUGE bag of ARCs because she said we looked friendly. Nice people finish FIRST. Thank you again, Christina!! I also left with three ARCs from Little Shop of Stories (I TOLD you they were awesome). I got an ARC of Made You Up by Francesca Zappia (which I’ve already read and loved), ACOTAR!!!! by Sarah J. Maas, and Paper Weight by Meg Haston. For realz, if you’re ever in the Decatur area, go to Little Shop of Stories! They are the BEST.

Our haul     Our haul

We only brought ONE book to the event and we left with ALL OF THESE!!

I’ve talked about my life and my depression before on the blog, so I’m not going into that here. But I want to talk about how I felt at this event. I felt the least stressed, anxious, sad, unhappy, and uncomfortable at this event than I have in months. I felt utterly at home in Decatur and at this event surrounded by brilliant, kind, and bookish people. I haven’t felt normal in so long that I almost didn’t recognize the feeling. I could breathe. I wasn’t worried about anything. I can’t even really describe it nor can I properly thank Becky and everyone at the event, BUT I can spread the love.

Becky holding SimonCheck out how you can win a copy of Simon! 🙂

See that picture of Becky holding a copy of Simon? Yeah, that’s a SIGNED COPY YOU CAN WIN!! Head over to my Twitter then follow me and RT the tweet for a chance to win. The giveaway is US only – I am REALLY sorry to my international friends, but I just can’t afford international shipping right now. It ends on 4/30/15 so make sure you do it before then!

14 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda – Book Launch

  1. ROAD TRIP! Looks like an amazing event, and what a HAUL! I wish I had book shops like that here. Excited that you liked Made You Up because it’s one I have my eye on, also ACOTAR?!? Well Jel 😉 R x

  2. That’s really great! I love when authors are really excited about their readers and you see it more often in debut authors, although most authors I’ve met have seemed really surprised with their success and how much of a crowd gathered! I haven’t read Simon yet, but it’s one of my most anticipated reads.

    • I love when authors are excited about their readers too! I’ve met a decent amount and only ever really had one meh experience. For the most part, authors are super sweet and friendly! 🙂
      Simon is SO good! Did you enter the giveaway on Twitter?

  3. It looks like you had an AMAZING time! I just went to my first bookish event with other bloggers/authors (YALLWEST) and I totally get what you mean about it feeling so inclusive and being able to feel so comfortable bonding with other people who are in the community- it’s incredible! I also have to agree, Becky looks adorable!

    • From what I saw, you had a great time at YALLWEST! Oh, I see you’ve done a write up! Going to go check it out. 🙂

      This community is so great. We completely get the passion and love we each have for books and reading.

  4. This sounds like the most fantastic event ever! If anything I am going to read this book (not only because we all need more diverse books in our lives) but because I must find out about all the Oreos. Seriously.

    Just reading your recap of the event made me smile. The author sounds lovely and I am glad you had such a good time. I am also super jealous you got to meet David Arnold because Mosquitoland is one of my favorite reads so far this year!

    • It was such a wonderful event! You’ve really got to read the book (did you enter the giveaway on Twitter?!). It’s SO good!

      I haven’t read Mosquitoland yet, but I need to RIGHT NOW! David was so cool. 🙂

  5. Awwwww, this is a beautiful recap. Thank you for your kind words too. Isn’t Little Shop just the best place? Your paragraph about feeling at home honestly made me tear up a bit, because that’s really what the book blogging community is for me on the best days. It’s a place where you can spaz out about a book and no one will find that odd, obviously. Even more than that, I feel like, even on non-bookish things, a whole lot more of the people in the community get me than outside of it. Glad you had a great trip and I hope you get to come back at some point. 🙂

    • ❤ Little Shop is amazing. I love that place.

      Exactly! That's what I love about this community too. I think we all get each other so well because even if it's something non-bookish or something we don't particularly enjoy, we understand that passion. Oh, I'll be back to Decatur! Don't worry. 🙂

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