A gushy post about my #OTSPSecretSister

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen me post about the #OTSPSecretSister thing I’m doing, right? Basically, it’s a six-month support group of thoughtfulness, encouragement, love, and yes, presents. This is the second time the lovely ladies at On the Same Page are doing it, but my first time as a participant. I absolutely love it, and I have the BEST Secret Sister on the face of the planet. And it’s not just because she sends me amazing boxes FULL of presents. It’s really not that at all. It’s that someone out there is thinking of me, putting great thought into the packages and notes she sends me, and obviously cares about me – not only does she send me sweet notes of encouragement, but she even got her boyfriend in on picking things out for me.

Monday morning this week was the WORST. Just so, so bad. I won’t go into it because I’m trying to just keep moving forward, but it sucked. But then at work I found out I had a package waiting for me at home. My SECOND Secret Sister package this month, by the way. Knowing that put a smile on my face and made me feel all gooey on the inside. And then I got home and it was SO HEAVY. The return address was from “The Lost Boys” – was this a Peter Pan themed package?? YES IT WAS AND IT WAS SO AWESOME AND HOLY CRAP ALL THE STUFF AND PETER PAAAAANNNNNN. Okay, I’ll calm down. But it is TWO days later and I’m still completely overwhelmed with how much thought and care and love and wonderfulness went into this package, you guys. I love every single thing in it, but mostly I love how thoughtful and needed this package was. It completely turned my day around, and that is exactly what this Secret Sister thing is all about – caring for your SS, reminding her that someone cares about her and supports her, encouraging love and friendship and all that sweet stuff. Alright, I’ll stop being all gushy for a second and show you some pictures!

I just can’t really believe all of this. I feel so spoiled and loved and I’m sorry for all the caps in this post, but I just LOVE MY SS, OKAY??

For my SS:

Thank you. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, encouragement, and love. Thank you for my absolutely amazing presents – I love every single thing you’ve given me because I know how much thought you put into it. I already have my stuffed Toothless and Easter Egg S in my car. My Loki, Tinkerbell, and Baymax Pops chill on my bookshelves next to the ridiculous amount of books you’ve sent me! I’ve worn my necklace, slept on my pillowcases, watched my movies, ate ALL of the candy, and smiled over everything. It’s so hard to express how appreciative I am in 140 characters, so this post is for you. To thank you for being you and for being there for me. I wouldn’t care if you only sent me a letter and a peppermint patty, so to have you send me ALL THIS is overwhelming, and I don’t know if I’ve coherently expressed it, but I tried. 

Thank you.

17 thoughts on “A gushy post about my #OTSPSecretSister

  1. This is so great! I’m not participating, but hopefully I’ll join for next round. I love the amount of thought that goes into these packages though and seeing the support around the community is super awesome.

  2. I want to cry a little after seeing this! Your SS literally is the best thing since sliced bread (except for you, obvs). Those gifts are actually amazing and ridiculously thoughtful! I watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel this week too and really enjoyed it! Sorry you had a crap Monday, and hoping you can keep your chin up and your smile on – there’s more than one person out there who thinks about you 😉 R x

  3. I’m so jealous I would want to do it next time. I was low on funds this year but I love that blogging leads to friendships! Peter Pan and HTTYD are also my favorite had to stop myself from online shopping last night for stuff

      • I’ve made one really good one from a buddy read and hoping to make more! I know I’m still newish but i enjoy the book blogging niche. It makes me feel better and happy in stressful times. =] I will definitely look for signing up for this next time. I hope you’ll post when it is dunno where I found it the first time…

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