Sign ups are open for the #ReadingMyLibrary Challenge!

Hi guys! So remember how last month I posted about the #ReadingMyLibrary Challenge that Amy at Read What I Like and I were working on a challenge for the month of April all about libraries and reading library books? Well, it’s HERE and sign ups are open today! You might’ve noticed my brand new tab at the top of my page called “#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge” – no? It just magically appeared? Yeah, I’m good like that – where you can find more information about the challenge, including a schedule, rules, and a FAQ of sorts, even though no one’s asked any questions yet. 🙂

#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge

However, let me tell you a little bit about it here:

More about the challenge:

  • The #ReadingMyLibrary Challenge will run from Wednesday, April 1 – Thursday, April 30, 2015.
  • You only have to read ONE (1) book to participate in the challenge! If you happen to read more, it just means more chances for you to win the #ReadingMyLibrary Challenge giveaway! You get an extra entry for every FIVE (5) books you read over that initial ONE (1).
  • There will be HUGE library scavenger hunt that will run from April 15 – 30 which will include its own giveaway.
  • There is no required amount of time you must spend reading, commenting, tweeting, etc. The scavenger hunt and giveaways are all optional.
  • We would LOVE if you shared your TBRs, current reads, library recommendations, library pictures, or really ANYTHING you want to share about your library using the hashtag #ReadingMyLibrary!

Signing up is super easy! Create a post on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube (really anywhere that you can share something) announcing your participation and linking back to either Stefani’s or Amy’s sign up post. Post it and go here to link up! It’s that simple! (If you wanted to include the button/banner for the challenge and/or a list of your TBR, we’d love that too, but it isn’t required). Once you’ve created this post, head over to the linky below and submit the link to your post, so we can come say hi and see who’s participating!

Basically, this challenge is meant to be a month long celebration of libraries, reading, and books. We really hope you’ll join us. Let me know if you have any questions. Check out THE RULES and THE SCHEDULE and THE QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE pages to learn more!

33 thoughts on “Sign ups are open for the #ReadingMyLibrary Challenge!

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  14. I would love to participate in this… My library is going to be going through renovations to expand soon (not sure when it starts) so they are only going to have a limited selection available at city hall while this goes on. Not sure if I’ll be able to participate. But still super excited that our town is expanding our library!

      • It is awesome! I’ve been going to this library since I was 10 (holy cow, that was 18 years ago!) so it will be really interesting to see it expand and make more room for books! I’ve been thinking about doing a before and after kind of post on my blog! I should really head down there this weekend to take some before pictures!

  15. I’ll be doing this too. I already frequent my library, and am trying not to neglect my TBR pile. But I have some challenges that I don’t have any books at home for, so I’ll be using this challenge to find books for these. It should be good.

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  17. I just put my link in. I’m so excited for this challenge. I love my local library and I love celebrating libraries and all the good they do for communities. I read mostly library books and if you view my post I’m pretty excited to join this challenge.

  18. This sounds lovely. Such a great idea! I applaud you Stefani. I’m sad that I can’t participate. My library is so poorly stocked that I’ve stopped going there altogether.

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