Thursday Thoughts: Mood reading

Thursday Thoughts on Caught Read Handed

Let’s talk about mood reading, shall we? I’m a mood reader. Always have been, always will be. No matter how many times I make a list of the books I want to read next (even if it’s only like 3 or 4 books), I will deviate from that list time and time again. I’ll read an EPIC fantasy book and think I’m ready to read another one, but NOPE. I’ll pick up a contemporary romance instead and devour it in one sitting. It’s weird and unexplainable, and honestly, it kind of sucks sometimes. But I can’t help it or change.

You guys may or may not know how long I’ve been waiting to read Heather Demetrios’ I’ll Meet You There. I’ve posted about it a few times on Top Ten Tuesday lists and I’ve probably tweeted about it at least ten times. I ordered it for my library and when it came in, I immediately checked it out (sorry, patrons!). But I’ve had it for a little over a week now and I STILL haven’t read it. I’ve read like two and a half books since (one of which was also a contemporary just like I’ll Meet You There). What is wrong with me? I KNOW I want to read it and I’m like 90% sure I’m going to LOVE it, and yet, it continues to sit on my shelf unread.

I will say that sometimes mood reading is pretty great. In the past month, I’ve read an NA book (my first!), four contemporaries of varying focuses (foci?) – three YA and one adult, three fantasies – two YA and one MG, one non-fiction book, two trade paperbacks (comics in case you don’t know what that means), several single issue comics, and a sci-fi. That’s a pretty awesome mix of genres, age ranges, and comics vs. books, if I do say so myself. So sometimes, being a mood reader means I don’t get stuck in any one particular genre or type of book. It means I get to explore my shelves (or those of the library) and find exactly what I want to read at that particular time, the book that will resonate with me the most. It means I’m able to go into a book clear-headed and non-judgmental.

But another downside to mood reading is ARCs. I don’t know if you guys know but books come out on a particular date (I know, it’s shocking!). When I have access to an ARC (electronic or otherwise) I have a NEED to read it before the publication date, which is obviously part of the point. But when I only have a fantasy, a contemporary, a mystery, and a horror, and they’re all being published in the next month, and ALL I want to read right then is a sci-fi, it sucks. I don’t want to force myself to read something I’m not in the mood for because I know I’ll think less of the book, and it isn’t the poor book’s fault, is it? No. So I have to quickly read a sci-fi and then hope to everything that I’m in the mood for one of the genres I have an ARC of.

I also tend to read books of a particular genre during certain seasons. I prefer contemporaries in the summer, sweeping fantasies in the winter. I like horror around Halloween and a sweet romance at Valentine’s Day. And this, again, makes ARCs difficult. First world problems here, you guys.

Alright, I’ll stop rambling about it now. What about all of you? I know some of you are mood readers too. How do you deal with it? Do you feel my pain?

17 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Mood reading

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  6. Oh, yes. I feel your pain so so so much. I’ve not yet figured out how to overcome mood reading obstacles and still get ARCs finished on time.

    But! I have an idea! When I worked at the library I wanted to read things so much because I saw them every day. So, I’m going to try printing an image of the ARC cover and putting on my bulletin board at home. My theory is that by seeing the image daily it will create that excitement and desire to read it right then. Just a theory. I will let you know how it works!

  7. I also am a mood reader FOR SURE, but still can decently predict what I want to read in the coming month. I do make monthly TBR posts on my blog, and just make sure to leave enough wiggle room so if I want to slip in something else, it’s not an issue. I haven’t really gotten in to the world of ARCs (yet?), so I can’t speak to that. It’s funny how you described you like contemporaries in the summer and fantasy in winter, because I’m the exact same – also historical fiction in winter. Nice post, and interesting ideas! I have this topic on a list of “discussion posts” I would like to do on my blog, so I’ll really have to spend some time formulating my thoughts somewhat coherently.. more so than this rambling comment here 🙂

    • Haha. It’s funny that you said you’ll have to try to get your thoughts to sound coherent – I honestly just sat down at my computer and wrote this in about five minutes. Lol! I just let my fingers roam the keyboard and say what they had to say. Haha. I hope that it sounds somewhat coherent!

  8. YES! Omg, yes to all of this! This is my biggest problem as a reader and it is SO frustrating to me. I am extremely moody. In fact, I’m struggling with one of my moods right now! I know I need to start reading our buddy read, and it has SO many 5 star reviews. But I’m just not in the mood for it, yet. I honestly don’t even know what I’m in the mood for right now, and it’s driving me crazy. I have the same issue with ARC’s. I get ones that sound amazing, but once I have time to pick one to read, I’m not in the right mood for them. Like you, I don’t want to force it, because if I don’t like it, is that really the book’s fault?! It’s not fair to the author when that happens, because it’s MY issue.
    I get so excited about a new release for months in advance, but it’s rare that when the book actually comes out that I’m in the mood for it at that time. I have certain authors that I can read no matter what, but that’s it.
    And different genres at different times of the year – that’s me, too. I love horror/suspense around Halloween, or pretty much from September through November. Christmas books in December, but I can’t bring myself to read anything with holiday themes in them any other time of year. I just thought I was weird. Lol.
    I’m glad someone else can relate to my mood issues! Now I’m off to Goodreads to try to figure out what the heck I’m in the mood to start reading next.

    • YES. I haven’t started The Sky is Everywhere yet either but I know I’m going to at least like it from what everyone’s says! I’ll get to it soon. It’s waiting on my shelf!
      Your paragraph about new releases is ME. Exactly!
      No! You aren’t weird. I can’t read a Christmas-themed book in August. No no no.
      I’m so glad we understand each other so well! Good luck in picking out your next read. I’m reading The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black (finally!) and I’m really loving it right now. 🙂

  9. My problem right now is wanting to read everything and then not being able to decide which one to read from my pile because they all sound so good! Usually I have the problem of everything just sounding okay and therefore I can’t choose what to read next, because yes, I am a mood reader for the most part as well. Every time I make a reading list I usually stray from it. :/

  10. I absolutely get this! It’s the worst when something finally comes off my holds list after an anxious waiting period, and then I’m like, “…. Eh.” And then, of course, I want to read it right as I need to bring it back. 😛
    Sorry to hear you haven’t gotten to I’ll Meet You There yet!

    • I know exactly what you mean! When I order books for the library (which, you know, I’m usually ordering because I want to read them. haha), it takes about a month or so for them to come in. By then, I’ve built up my excitement level and I CAN’T WAIT for them to come in. And then, like I’ll Meet You There, they do and I’m not in the mood. It sucks!

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