Teaser Tuesday: Forever by Maggie Stiefvater

Teaser Tuesday is a meme hosted by Should Be Reading. It’s super easy: open your current read to a random page and share two sentences from that page – but make sure you don’t spoil the book!

ForeverMy current read is Forever by Maggie Stiefvater. I opened it to a random page – 78 – and this is the quote I want to tease you with. It’s near the beginning and contains no spoilers for the series overall. It’s just got some pretty writing and adorableness.

After a while, Grace fell asleep for real on my chest, and I tried, unsuccessfully, to follow her. Then I picked my book back up again and stroked her hair and read to the soundtrack of her breaths. The weight of her pinned my fleeting thoughts to the ground, and in that moment, I was more in the world than I’d ever been.

Have you guys read this series? Isn’t it wonderful? I love that you can see Maggie’s writing develop through the series.

If you participate in Teaser Tuesday, link me up! Or if you don’t, tease me with your current read in the comments!

15 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday: Forever by Maggie Stiefvater

  1. i love this bit –“The weight of her pinned my fleeting thoughts to the ground…” I’ve never read this author. But I have heard her books mentioned a lot around the blogosphere. I hope to try her books out this year.

      • That’s what happened to me with the Sookie Stackhouse series. The first was so-so, setting everything up. The second, not much better, but after that, I got hooked.

          • The first two weren’t ‘bad’, it’s just that they weren’t good enough to keep me reading the entire series. I cut them a break since they were setting up the story – also, each one had a zinger at the end. It was like a soap opera. I had to read the next one because I was so curious out that little ending tidbit. I’ve now read the first five. For me, from three on, each one has been better than the one before.

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