Seize the Tuesday [8] – Seize it, but do it quietly


Seize the Tuesday is a book blogger meme created by myself and the Let’s Get Lost Buddies Street Team, to share stories about how we’ve seized the Tuesday, with a special focus on the particular book we’re reading. We’ll share our posts online with the hashtag: #LetsAllGetLost. The idea is to share little ways in which you may have embraced Bree’s motto of seizing the Tuesday. To relate it to books, you can talk about what book you’re reading, and how you stole some moments from the day to enjoy reading. It doesn’t have to be about reading, but we all know that a well-read day is a day seized. The idea is not just to help spread the word on LGL, but also to remind people to live fully, even/especially if that means spending a part of your day reading.

Sometimes it’s the little moments. The quiet ones. The ones when you’re by yourself on the couch with a cup of coffee and a book. At least for me.

That’s how I seized my Tuesday yesterday. I usually wake up pretty early (6 a.m. or so). The house is quiet and everyone else is either still asleep or left for work. I use this opportunity to read practically every morning. I get a cup of coffee and my book, make sure I have socks on (my feet get cold and since I’m going to settle in, I don’t want to get back up for socks), and curl up on the couch. Sometimes I get to read for an hour, sometimes for 15 minutes, but no matter how long, that’s my time. For me. I don’t have to worry about work or writing or anything. I can hear the birds chirping, the wind whistling through the trees, and my heart beating. It’s wonderful.

Quiet Tuesday seized. How did you seize the Tuesday?

3 thoughts on “Seize the Tuesday [8] – Seize it, but do it quietly

  1. This sounds so lovely, Stefani! I’ve been having real trouble waking up early lately (I blame red wine and my freezing basement apartment), but I love to snuggle up and read with some tea when I find myself up at a reasonable hour.

    I seized my Tuesday by casting aside my exhaustion and social anxiety to have a homemade pizza dinner with my boyfriend’s coworker, his girlfriend and their two lovely dogs. I surprised myself by not being stressed out about it. 🙂

    Happy Thursday!

  2. I sure didn’t write a blog post :/
    I totally seized the Tuesday by getting another audiobook to listen to in my car. I started THE YOUNG ELITES! I’m only a couple chapters in, because I have a super short commute, but it is so great to be able to “read” while I drive 🙂

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