Teaser Tuesday: The Book of Strange New Things

Teaser Tuesday is a meme hosted by Should Be Reading. It’s super easy: open your current read to a random page and share two sentences from that page – but make sure you don’t spoil the book!

My current read is The Book of Strange New Things.  I opened it to a random page – 261 – and this is the quote I want to tease you with.

The Book of Strange New Things

When, at last, the body of Jesus Lover One’s mother had yielded all the bounty it was going to yield, she lay exhausted on the ground, in the shade of a couple of gently swaying garments that hung on the washing line nearby. Since she was the only Oasan Peter had seen completely naked, he had no way of telling how much of the grotesquery he saw before him was due to decay and how much of it was what he would have found under the clothing of any healthy, living Oasan.

Well then. That’s…interesting. I’m currently 50 pages into this one and I’m a little freaked out by my own teaser. I’m enjoying the book so far though, so I am looking forward to finding out who the heck “Jesus Lover One” is and why that is his (her?) name. This one is strange, indeed, but I like a good, strange book.

If you participate in Teaser Tuesday, link me up! Or if you don’t, tease me with your current read in the comments!


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