Bookish Talk: Pan trailer

I’m sure that I’ve mentioned on my blog at least once how much of a Peter Pan fan I am. I love that story and I will read and watch anything that is set in that world. Like the Peter Pan Live! that’s airing on NBC next week (with freaking Christopher Walken as Hook. Dude. Christopher freaking Walken as Hook). Anyway, so when I saw that they were making a movie about Peter Pan that was going to be about his origin story and how he got to Neverland, you know I was excited. The first trailer was released three days ago and I’m pretty excited but I’m not getting my hopes up to much – I tend to be disappointed that way. Check out the trailer and then I’ll give you my first thoughts.

Okay, so Hugh Jackman looks absolutely ridiculous. Whatever that is on his head? No. However, Neverland looks amazing! And those floating ships? Wow. The kid playing Peter (Levi Miller) is adorable. Garrett Hedlund as Hook is really interesting and I’m excited to see how he is in that role. I haven’t seen Rooney Mara in anything really but I saw that a lot of people think choosing her for Tiger Lily was a mistake. Any of you guys know her acting better than me? What do you think? I think she looks pretty awesome in the costume, but her acting is what I really care about.

So what do you guys think? Are you excited to see Peter’s origin story? What about Hugh Jackman’s ridiculous wig?

10 thoughts on “Bookish Talk: Pan trailer

  1. Peter Pan is my favorite book, and the 2003 film will always have a very special place in my heart. Jason Isaacs is a fantastic Hook, and Tiger Lily is played by a talented (and young!) Native American actress. I’m intrigued to see what they will do with this film, but I think the major problem drawing criticism is that they cast a white woman.

    Barrie’s characterizations of Indians in the book suffer from the contented ignorance of early 20th century British literary culture, but in 2014/2015 productions should be re-visiting the story with updated awareness. She might act the part incredibly well (though I’m confused by the age increase, too). But even if they changed her heritage to try and negate some of the uncomfortable stereotypes from the source material, it’s still disappointing to see an opportunity to star in something so hyped-up taken away from any Native American actress.

    Like you, I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but will see the film with my curiosity piqued.

  2. I’m curious to see exactly what Peter Pan’s story before Neverland is, so I think I’m definitely going to make time to go see this! I’m curious to see the story they came up with, and how much it will fit in with the story we all already know.

  3. I saw the trailer a few days ago and really enjoyed it minus two things; Hugh Jackman (for one that wig and two I don’t like his look here! Where my sexy Wolverine at?!) and isn’t Tiger Lilly suppose to be like 8 or something (she was in the disney one right?) and suppose to be in love with Peter, not a full grown woman! o_O

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