Insurgent Teaser Trailer – Reaction

So here I was just working on some blog stuff and writing for WatchPlayRead and then BAM I come across the teaser trailer for Insurgent. I’m probably really behind but I’ve been busy. If you haven’t seen the trailer, here it is:

My first reaction was “What the actual F is happening?” We’ve got floating houses and concrete than can apparently catch fire. Wuuuut? Then I realized that this had to be one of Tris’ bad dreams in Insurgent, right? Because her mother is [spoiler] dead, and houses don’t float and concrete can’t catch fire.

I will say that it does look pretty awesome (even if the CGI isn’t super great). However, let me just leave this quote from Theo James here. “You have to honor the material for the first film because you have a fan base, but when you come to the second one, if you you’ve done well with the first movie, you now have the ability to think outside the box,” he said. “And I think as long as you have good character progression—which is essentially Four and Tris, the anchors of the films—if you have that stuff right, then if you lose some kind of threads of different plotlines, it shouldn’t matter.” Ugh.

What about you guys? What did you think of the trailer? First thoughts?

12 thoughts on “Insurgent Teaser Trailer – Reaction

  1. I’m indecisive to be honest. I watched and pretty much enjoyed the first movie, but it didn’t quite live up to expectations. I felt it was a little too PG, which was probably to bring in more money from a younger audience, but I’m not sure if I’m going to like this one or not… I’m guessing it is one of those hallucination thingys though, and as for Theo’s comment, how can a hot boy get it so wrong? That’s like saying as long as the first HP movie was true to the book, they could do whatever they liked for the next 6… uhh, no.

  2. I thought it was awful. I’ll watch the movie one day, just because I’ve read the books, but this didn’t excite me. But honestly, Allegiant left such a bad taste in my mouth, it’s kind of ruined everything else about the series for me.

  3. my reaction was literally “…meh.”

    When I first read the sequel when it came out I gave it 4 stars, since re-reading and reviewing it, it got a lowly two. I didn’t bother with Allegiant.

    • I haven’t reread it since I first did, but it’d probably get a lower rating now too. Not that I liked it that much the first time. I really enjoyed Divergent. Insurgent was okay. Allegiant was meh. I was disappointed.

      • I re-read divergent and it was still four stars, when I picked up insurgent, it was like Tris had a brain transplant or something mid-series! Totally different character, shocked I didn’t pick up on it before!

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