Bookish Talk: Why not to be ashamed of what you’re reading

Bookish Talk

I was recently over on Rachel aka Confessions of a Book Geek’s page, reading THIS post about being ashamed of some of the things you read. It got me thinking about how I have never felt ashamed of what I read. I know that this is a big thing amongst readers, being ashamed to read certain things in public or around people who might judge you for it. I don’t want you to think I’m criticizing Rachel’s post. I’m not. I’m just writing a reaction to it.

I have been lucky enough to grow up with parents who have always supported me and my passions, be it for reading, music, art, traveling, whatever. It doesn’t hurt that my dad is a pretty big bibliophile too. I have been lucky enough to never have someone tell me that I couldn’t read something because it wasn’t right for me or my age. Or if I did, I don’t remember because it went in one ear and right out the other. I have never cared what other people think about what I read. I think this is probably in part due to the fact that I was worried about people caring about the fact that I have no hair. But now I don’t even care about that, so I’m just completely care free when it comes to what other people think of me or my passions or choices.

Sure, I get strange looks when I’m reading in public (of course, I also get strange looks for different reasons). I just ignore them. I love what I love (and look how I look) and if other people don’t get it, that sucks for them. Not me.

This whole post is just about the fact that I really don’t think you should be ashamed of what you like to read. Read what makes you happy. Read what gives you an escape. Read what excites you, what teaches you about yourself and the world. Read what you want. Whether that be young adult fiction, comics, children’s books, adult literature, classics, or the newspaper. You’re reading, and that’s what matters.

Just know that no matter what you are reading, you are ALWAYS welcome on my blog. Add me on Goodreads and tell me about books you’ve found and loved. Comment on my posts. I am always happy to hear about a book, comic, blog post, or website you’ve found and enjoyed reading.

15 thoughts on “Bookish Talk: Why not to be ashamed of what you’re reading

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  2. Love your reply Stef! I don’t usually have an “I care what you think of me” personality, so it surprised me that that was how I responded on this instance. But you’ve reminded me about why I love reading, and why no one’s opinions should stop me! 🙂

  3. “I have been lucky enough to never have someone tell me that I couldn’t read something because it wasn’t right for me or my age.”
    There are books that I don’t let my kids read yet, because of content. I just figure there are plenty of books whose content is age appropriate that there’s no reason to rush into more adult books. For instance, I LOVE The Hunger Games trilogy, and my son has expressed interest simply because he knows I love them. Although I look forward to the day I can share that love with him, today is not that day.
    Other than that caveat, I agree with you.

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