Bookish Thoughts: Hey, read this book

This is just a short little post with a picture. But this is pretty much what I feel my blog is like. HEY, READ THIS BOOK. Do it. Now. It’s awesome. Read it. Haha. I suppose that could be a good thing or a bad thing. I just wanted to share. I felt like some of you could relate.

Read it

2 thoughts on “Bookish Thoughts: Hey, read this book

  1. I’ve done this… I’ve accosted library patron, strangers in book stores and followed my husband around reading him passages from books until he broke down and told me to go away he would read the damn book. He is the only one I get supper annoying with (price of marriage to a bookworm), but my excitement over a title has caused people to check out books they never would have tried before. We are expanding people’s horizons šŸ™‚

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