Children’s Book Reviews: The Great Paper Caper by Oliver Jeffers

I’ve recently become kind of obsessed (okay, super obsessed) with Oliver Jeffers’ books. I love them. They are adorable and genius and simple and wonderful. Did I mention that I love his books? Haha. I’ve already reviewed The Day the Crayons QuitThe Incredible Book-Eating Boy and The Way Back Home. Anyway, I’ve pretty much read all of his books that are currently in my library’s system, so this week, I’m going to do six mini reviews of his books. So far this week, I’ve reviewed Lost and Found and Up and Down.

The Great Paper Caper cover

This one might be favorite Oliver Jeffers book so far. The forest animals’ homes are disappearing. All the trees are being cut down! Oh no! What is happening? The animals meet up to try to figure out the mystery; there must be clues, right? Maybe like the bear with the ax in the background or the flyers for the paper airplane contest?

The humor in The Great Paper Caper is so genuinely funny and charming. This is definitely one of those ones that will delight not only children but adults as well – maybe even more so for adults who will understand the humor of the clues laid out in the background for the reader.

Also, I can’t even handle how ridiculously adorable the illustrations are. The stick legs! Oh my goodness. I just love them. The beaver and the bear and the pig. So freaking adorable. I think some people might easily blow off Jeffers’ illustrations as overly simple or plain, but this book is indicative of why Jeffers is just so talented: all of the little details in the background that you might not notice at first are perfect.

So this one doesn’t quite have the same emotional range as, say, Lost and Found, but it is the definition of an enjoyable book from start to finish. I definitely think kids would enjoy trying to figure out who the paper caper is as much as you will.

The Great Paper Caper

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