Summer Blogger Promo Tour – Dana Square

It’s Summer Blogger Promo Tour Sunday again! Today I’ve got Dana from Dana Square. Both of us really love movies, especially book to movie adaptations (well, the good ones at least). So today she’s going to be discussing her favorite and least favorite book to movie adaptations! Make sure you go check her out on her blog and on Twitter. 🙂


Favorite Book to Movie Adaptations:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2: I love the Harry Potter Series and the movies that were made were perfect. There were many changes to the movies, but they captured the essence of the series. Never did anything they left out feel that missed and never did any additions ever feel wrong. I think that is when you know that the movies were amazing. The last two in particular were exceptional. These adaptations stayed true to the characters, the world, and the fans. I absolutely adore these movies and I don’t think I can watch them without crying, it is just not physically possible.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower: This movie will always have a place in my heart. This book really impacted me and I think this movie was so great because the author had such a huge role in its production. The casting was perfect and the movie never tried to hide the dark themes of the novel. The music was excellent. I think this is a movie that will always be relevant and I hope there are more contemporary books brought to life as well done as this one.

Honorable Mentions:

Pride & Prejudice (2005) – Keira Knightly will always be Elizabeth Bennet in my head.

Jane Eyre (2011) – I love how they told the story out of sequence. Michael Fastbender as Edward Rochester, I just can’t deal.

Catching Fire – This movie was literally perfect. It was almost in my top two.

Here are a few that weren’t amazing, but I loved them anyway. Regardless of what anyone says about these adaptations, I enjoyed them and thought they were fun. There are some YA books that can’t be taken too seriously.

Vampire Academy – I think this was really a problem of marketing. This movie was funny and action packed. It wasn’t a serious book and definitely not the best of the series. I think for the most part the casting was good, but the script could have been a bit better.

The Mortal Instruments – I personally wasn’t a fan of some of the actors casted. I enjoyed the movie though. The music choices were good, but just didn’t fit in places. I think it would have done a lot better if they hadn’t completely changed the ending.

Twilight Movies – I admit I was a twihard. I was obsessed. The first movie was horrible, but they slowly redeemed themselves. Breaking Dawn Part 2 was really a great movie.

Least Favorite Book to Movie Adaptations:

Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief: It is funny that one Logan Lerman movie is a part of the favorites and one is in the least favorites. I was a huge fan of the cast for this movie, but the script was absolutely horrible. They changed things so much that I didn’t want them to make a sequel. The sequel was okay but they needed to stop changing the story. We liked it as it was.

Beautiful Creatures: I only read the first book, but this movie was very different than the book. The special effects were really cool and the casting was okay. It just didn’t make for that great of a movie.


9 thoughts on “Summer Blogger Promo Tour – Dana Square

  1. Nice to meet you Dana. I totally agree with you on book to movie adaptations. Harry Potter are some of the best, Mortal Instruments are okay and Percy Jackson stunk because the books were SO much better. I also think Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are among the best. 🙂

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