Children’s Book Review: The Happy Owls

I love owls. Love them. I even have an owl tattoo. So obviously when I saw this book at the library, I checked it out. What a lovely story!

The Happy Owls

The theme of this children’s book is to see the beauty in everyday life and in nature.

The Happy Owls is about two owls that are inexplicably happy – inexplicable at least according to the chickens, ducks, and geese who live nearby. They decide to send the peacock over to find out why. After the owls explain, the other birds are skeptical at the response.

This book made me happy. Full stop. It is a lovely story about finding happiness in each other, nature, and life. The owls are just happy with their world, with their surroundings, and with life.

“When everything is green and growing and the trees nod their leafy crowns to us in the warm sunshine, we sit in a shady nook, in the cool forest and are at peace with the world.”

What a beautiful message. It reminds the reader to not be ignorant to life’s beauty. The world is full of beautiful things. The Happy Owls also says that it is okay to be happy being you. Stand apart from the rest of the crowd. If you are happy with your life, it doesn’t matter if anyone else gets it.

Love this one. I’ll definitely be buying a copy for my future kid(s). Plus look at these beautiful illustrations:

The Happy Owls image

Publication info:

The Happy Owls

Written and illustrated by Celestino Piatti

Originally published by Holiday House in January 1964; the copy I read was published by NorthSouth in May 2013

32 pages (hardcover)


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