Top Ten Tuesday: authors I own the most books from

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. Today’s theme was:

Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From

There is only one author who I love enough that I have bought (and read) almost every single book he’s ever published – Ian Rankin. When going through my shelves to do this TTT, I found that, while I have one or two books by a lot of authors, there aren’t many that I have several by, which is why I don’t have a full list of ten authors this week. I’m sure there are more authors that I have several books by, but a lot of my books are currently packed up unfortunately. These eight authors are just ones I found readily on my shelves. All names linked to the author’s website except William McIlvanney (because he doesn’t have one).

Ian Rankin – thirty books, I believe, but I actually own more than one copy for a couple of them.

This picture is from when I first met Ian Rankin. 🙂

Me with the lovely Ian Rankin

JK Rowling – ten books

Stephen King – nine books; my dad owns all of them, but I personally own nine books by Stephen King.

Sarah Dessen – seven books

John Green – five books

William McIlvanney – five books

Melissa de la Cruz – five books

James Dashner – five books

Which authors do you own lots of books by?

22 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: authors I own the most books from

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  2. Sarah Dessen! I don’t own any books by her but I definitely went through a stack of them one summer via the library. I haven’t read anything by Ian Rankin, but I don’t think I own 30 books by any author so that’s really impressive! Are all the books you own by him physical copies or ebooks as well?

    • Nope. They are all physical copies. 🙂 He’s my favorite author and I also did my honors research thesis on him and his Rebus series, so I had to read all of those. But I just love him and his writing, so I’ve bought everything he’s published. 🙂

  3. I know how it is with favorite authors. I not only have the need to own every book they’ve written, but also alternate covers. I’m not sure which author I own the most of, probably Terry Pratchett, LE Modesitte or Isacc Asimov.

    • Hmmm. Sarah Dessen for feel good romance/summer reads.
      Stephen King for horror, obviously. John Green for… John Green? Lol. Ian Rankin and William McIlvanney for amazing crime fiction. Melissa de la Cruz for fantasy. James Dashner for awesome dystopian. 😀

  4. Your dad owns ALL of Stephen King’s books?!? Wow! I’m not actually a big book buyer (for a bibliophile, that is) – I tend to stick with the library. Most of the books I own are either favorite authors (which I’ve already covered in multiple TTTs) or bargain books that I picked up here and there.

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