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It’s Sunday again so that means another wonderful Summer Blogger Promo Tour post. This week I’ve got a post by Mily from The YA’s Nightstand. As you probably know, I’m pretty much obsessed with the UK, so I thought it’d be fun to have Mily discuss some of the differences between US and UK covers as the changes publishers sometimes make are quite weird/annoying/silly/ugly. So check out her post below for five books that have had cover changes as they crossed the pond. Then go check out her awesome blog or tweet her and tell her I said hi! 🙂

Summer Blogger Tour

Today I’m doing a post about US and UK book covers. I’ve picked 5 covers that have had a face lift when it crossed the pond and some may have been for the better but some… well you’ll just have to read on.

You’d be surprised just how many differences you find between the US and the UK considering we have very similar (almost identical) ways of life.

The obvious things like spelling – was colours just too many letters or something? Or the fact Americans say pants instead of trousers, which gets really confusing at times. More often than not I’ll be wondering why someone’s getting naked in a book because I’m thinking of nickers not pants. Now I’m not saying that either way is wrong, we all have our own ways. But the one thing I will never understand is why on earth do we have to change book covers?



Paper Aeroplanes

by Dawn O’Porter

9781419711848     17315134

US: Amulet Books / UK: Hot Key Books

 Okay I’m going to start you off slow with Dawn O’Porter’s Paper Aeroplanes. The difference in the covers isn’t actually that big, which kind of makes me think what’s the point? I personally prefer the UK edition because I really like the contrast between the pink and black. It’s completely different to anything I have on my book shelves and would really stand out. As for the US version, I don’t hate it, I just think that they’ve made unnecessary changes to an already great cover.

Also, anyone notice how on the US cover we have AIRPLANES and on the UK we have AEROPLANES? I didn’t until a moment ago and I think it actually bugs me. US authors don’t change COLORS into its correct (in my humble opinion) spelling of COLOURS so why did they change this?


by Veronica Roth

divergent_hq     divergent

US: Katherine Tegen Books / UK: HarperCollins Children’s Books

 I think this was the first territory cover change that actually got to me. I didn’t really spare it much thought until they did this. I have the US cover of Divergent, the UK cover of Insurgent and the UK hardcover of Allegiant because I bought them all just as they came out. Sitting next to each other on my shelf they don’t even look like they belong together, which is just a little sad.

Divergent was one of those books that I bought purely for the cover. I didn’t even know what it was about but it was so pretty I had to buy it. It’s now one of my all-time favourites but the UK covers do leave little to be desired.

A Discovery of Witches

by Deborah Harkness

8667848     A Discovery of Witches

US: Viking Penguin / UK: Headline

YAY! A cover change that doesn’t make me wish I was American! I adore the UK cover of A Discovery of Witches almost as much as I love the book. Not that there’s anything wrong with the US cover but the UK one really conveys the magical elements within the book and also has the old worldly feel of Oxford.

Saying all that they’ve actually changed to covers in the UK now… but I still prefer them to the US. The US cover kinda feels like a sign for a mystic’s tent as a carnival.

Pushing the Limits

by Katie McGarry

image (1)     Pushing the Limits (front)

     US: Harlequin Teen / UK: Mira Ink

 I hope you’re ready for a rant because you’re about to get one. AND if by some random act of god the designer of the UK edition of The Pushing the Limits series happens to stumble across this I need to you go take a long hard look at the US cover and then come back and tell me you did a good job! I mean I’m a design student so I get that you have to do what the client wants but OMG the effect on this book is actually disgusting and I want it removed from all computer software NOW and the colour? Nope, no, I can’t do it.

I feel so strongly about this one that I’ve actually gone out and spent almost double than I would have on the UK cover just so I could have the US one instead. I have 2 out of the 4 so far, and as soon as I save up a little I’ll get the rest.

I’m sorry to take it out on you, I’m sure your other design work is a lot better but what were you thinking!! And who is god’s name approved that? I think I might need to write them a strongly worded letter – Sheldon Cooper style!

 Between the Lives

by Jessica Shirvington

OnePastMidnight-cover     21842237

US: Bloomsbury USA Childrens / UK: Orchard Books

Now talk about trying to confuse a girl! I actually love both covers of this book but why have they changed the name? There are several books coming out in the US & UK at the moment with different names even though they’re EXACTLY the same book! I’m not the only one this annoys am I? I understand with some countries that you need to change the name to attract the readers but American and British culture is so freaking similar it doesn’t even make sense.

I personally prefer the One Past Midnight cover but the UK title, Between The Lives. So how about this? Let’s combine our great nations and have ourselves a little book baby! That way we all win and I get a pretty book to add to my every growing collection!


So that’s it! Those were just 5 of the MANY books to get a little cover surgery over the Atlantic Ocean. You might not agree with some of my thoughts but I can bet that there is at least one book you know of that has had its cover ‘improved’ that you’d rather use as a door stop than place on your book shelf.

Well, now that that’s done I’ll be off. If you need me you can find me in my little hobbit hole in the middle of the English countryside.

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11 thoughts on “Summer Blogger Promo Tour: The YA’s Nightstand

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  2. I’m from the US and usually prefer the UK covers better haha! I like the drawn style over photographs that they tend use for books over here. I originally thought Between the Lives and One Past Midnight were two books, talk about confusing. I do like the first title better, One Past Midnight doesn’t really tell what the book is about. (Though it probably makes sense once you’ve read the book.) Nice to meet you Mily. Another nice Guest post. 🙂

  3. Oh my God, YES!! I so agree with this. The book I’m reading right now has suffered this fate. I have the UK version of When Mr Dog Bites and the cover works really well. I looked up the US one online and it’s horrible. They’ve done the same thing they did to The Rosie Project and taken a simple yet effective cover and made it yellow and cartoon looking. The US When Mr Dog Bites one has even removed the word ‘sex’ from the tagline, which is supposed to be ‘A story about life, death, love, sex and swearing’. I thought it was we British folk who were supposed to be easily offended by such things! I’ll be writing a review of it for my blog so I’m going to have keep my ranting about this to a minimum! Great post! 🙂

  4. I definitely agree with you about the Divergent cover and the Discovery of Witches cover. I also think the American cover of Don’t Look Back by Jennifer Armentrout is so much better and creepy than the UK version.

    • Ah I forgot about that one! I like both covers for Don’t Look Back but I agree the US one is much more creepy. Although they are both fitting for the story.

      Mily x

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