Mockingjay Part 1: Trailer #2

You guys, I kind of can’t handle anything right now. This trailer is AMAZING. I’m seriously loving the marketing that they’re doing for this movie. AHHH. Just know that I’m pretty much flailing over here. I don’t even have words. Just watch it and then let’s fangirl in the comments together, okay??


13 thoughts on “Mockingjay Part 1: Trailer #2

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  3. Ahh!!! I’ve not seen it yet (since I’m on my Kindle, and for some reason, YouTube doesn’t work on my Kindle >.<), but when I get on my laptop, this is the first thing I'm going to look at!!

  4. Oh. My. Ga. Osh. This marketing campaign is genius and has me even more excited for the films than I already was (and I was a LOT excited!).
    Is it just me, or does Peeta subtlety shake his head at the same time the Joanna puts her hand on her hip? It seems like they are both signally their disagreement with Snow’s words.

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