Okay, I know this is a book blog, but I am so freaking excited and I need more people to be excited with me. I’m fangirling like crazy. Season Four of Teen Wolf premieres tonight on MTV at 10/9c. AHH. Okay, I’ll calm down.

Anyway, this post is for anyone who might be interested in learning more about Teen Wolf or anyone who watches and needs a refresher. If you are so inclined, I’ve recapped all of the seasons of Teen Wolf so far over on WatchPlayRead.


Season One

Jackson after Derek

Season Two


Season Three, Part One

Stiles in bathtub

Season Three, Part Two



Evil Stiles

Are you excited about Teen Wolf? Follow me on Twitter so we can live chat when Season Four premieres later!! I’ll be reviewing the episode on WatchPlayRead later this week. Check out the trailer below so you can get pumped up like me.

4 thoughts on “TEEN WOLF

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  3. When they are in the car and she’s like, “I would never leave you.” and my ovaries are like MAKE THEM HAVE BABIES.
    Have been so excited for this show to start again and was not disappointed. Were-wolf/kitsune/coyote dance party in Mexico! DAT BANSHEE THO

    • Nooooo. I am not a fan of Stiles and Malia. I only ship Stiles with Lydia. Or me. Mostly with me. Hahaha.
      I wasn’t disappointed either! It was a fantastic season premiere and I cannot wait to see what happens next!
      Dat ending tho! I was like “Wuuuuuut??” SO. GOOD.

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