The problem with books

In which I lament the problems of being a HUGE book nerd

Picture from @BookNerdProblems

Picture from @BookNerdProblems

I don’t know about you, but for the most part (pretty much every part) of being a book nerd is a wholly fulfilling, inspiring, and lifelong obsession that I never, and will never, have a problem with. But every once in a while something happens that just makes you go, “Why do I do this again?!” I enjoy lists (and even numbers), so I figured I’d detail ten of the problems I occasionally deal with in my bookish life. Do you relate to any of these?

In no particular order (I think organizing it into a list is probably order enough). Please know that this is an, at times, exaggerated, sarcastic, and generally not-always-serious post.

  1. You want to lend the books you love to all of your friends, but you can’t because you know they’d ruin them: one of your friends is a spine breaker, another is too messy and will spill something on it, yet another will probably lose it and/or never give it back. How do you share your love of a book with someone who will DESTROY it like that asteroid who killed all the dinosaurs?
  2. Your new book boyfriend has completely ruined all other boys for you: you know that swoon worthy boy who serenades you with his words, stares deep into your soul, and changes you forever? Yeah, he’s not real.
  3. You are completely unable to walk into a bookstore (or any freaking store with books!) without buying one: Did you walk into Target with a specific thing to buy, like a pair of jeans or some deodorant? Sorry, but you’ll be leaving with four new books and neither of the things you actually need.
  4. You get crazy looks from people when you cry and/or laugh in the middle of a public place and there’s no one around you: Remember when you were on the train home and you broke down into intense sobs while reading The Fault In Our Stars and thought you did a good job covering it up by pretending you had allergies? Yeah, no one bought that. Sorry.
  5. You’re in constant danger: you are constantly shelling out more cash in order to fit your never ending piles of books rather than risk the potential avalanche that would totally kill you.
  6. You’re a liar: “Sorry, I can’t go. I already have plans.” Yeah, that was a lie. You just have a good book that you’d rather spend all night buried in instead of feeling uncomfortable and wishing you could leave all night. The guilt of lying to your friends haunts you, but honestly, you’re probably happier.
  7. You’ve got BPS: Book Pain Syndrome. Dude, it’s a legitimate thing. You are constantly trying to find the perfect position in which to read. Your back is spasming, you’ve got aches and pains all over the place, and one of your legs is asleep.
  8. You’re broke: Work, you know that thing that means you can keep buying books? Yeah, it gets in the way of actually reading the books. It’s a necessary evil though.
  9. You yell at movies: Seeing trailers for book to movie adaptations literally makes your heart race. Sometimes because they look amazing and sometimes they don’t. But no matter what, you know they’ve changed it. You know it. They removed your favorite scene or added dialogue that just doesn’t make sense. It’s different, and you’ll be disappointed.
  10. Your TBR: it will never end. You will constantly add more books to it and you know you’ll never get to all of them. This is the most soul crushing realization in the entire world. You will never have enough time to read it all.

These are some intense problems, but you know what? None of them will ever outweigh the pure joy, inspiration, and solace you can find by diving into a book and losing yourself. It doesn’t matter that people stare at you or you’d rather spend time with your book boyfriend than going to a party. You not only make friends in the books, but you make friends with other bookish people because they understand you on a fundamental level that can bind you for life. Never stop reading.

What are some of the bookish problems you have? 

44 thoughts on “The problem with books

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    • Thank you! So true. I’ll deal with these “problems” just to be able to keep reading.
      Feel free to reblog, just tag me! I don’t actually know how reblogs work. Lol. Do you tag me or does it just post the full thing with my name on your blog? 🙂 I’m still kind of new.

  5. It’s like you took my thoughts and put it into a post. Except they’re your thoughts. And like thousands of other people’s thoughts.. I can relate to this SOSOSOSO well!!! Especially #2… You don’t know how many times I have had actual like 20 minute arguments with my friends about book hotties… Like “HE’S MINE GIRL!!!!” Honestly half the time I just feel deranged… And #10! Yes yes yes yes yes!!! My friends will be like OMG YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK and I’ll be like sure right after I read that and then this and oh yeah that and then the next four books in that one series and well the last book of that is coming out so I gotta read that anyway long story short that book is like 20th in line to be king sooo… Haha but awesome post!!!

  6. I love this post so much! ESPECIALLY BPS. Also I cannot tell you how many times I’ve pulled a number 6, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who suffers from number 1, because I feel bad but my books are my babies and I don’t trust anyone else with them (sometimes I don’t even tell people I have the books they rave over want to read because I KNOW THEY WILL NOT TREAT THEM RIGHT). And alas, number 8- I started my summer job and I literally feel like I’m SO behind on my reading, but how else am I going to buy books?!

    • Thanks!
      Hahaha. That’s hilarious: not telling your friends you have a book they want to read. But I completely understand! They are my babies, too!
      At least your summer job will bring you new books. Even though you don’t have as much time to read. :/

  7. I feel like you ripped this post from my soul! Number 1) Yes, I never lend books to anyone but my bf and that’s only because he lives with me and I can watch him like a hawk to make sure he doesn’t defile my babies. Numbers 3 & 5) I go to Target/Bookstores, and if I see books I want, I take pictures of them on my phone and immediately request them from the library when I get home. If the library doesn’t have them, there’s always (it’s a dangerous website…you have been warned). Number 4) I get crazy looks from people a lot when it comes to my reading habits. I read in public a lot, my bf thinks I’m cray-cray for laughing at books, and it probably doesn’t help that I insist on explaining my current read to my completely uninterested coworkers. Number 9) I felt this way about the newest trailer for The Giver. I was excited for it until I saw the newest trailer…now I’m not so sure. Finally, Number 10) So true! I feel like I’ll never get through them all, and I can’t help but add more to it! Sorry I rambled a bit, but this post spoke to me!

    • Haha. I ripped it from your soul? That’s awesome.
      I do the same thing! I take pictures of books on my phone so I can add them to my TBR and then try to find them later.
      You are definitely not crazy for laughing at books in public. I do it too.
      You know, my original draft of this post had a comment about The Giver in it, but I took it out. I hadn’t seen that new trailer until you said something. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? Blah.

      • I know! The Giver has next to no action in it but the movie does? Why can’t adaptations be more true to the source material? Why?!

        • I agree. Hollywood just thinks that they have to put action in it to get people to come. I think that the film industry is just in an action kick right now. The Giver looks like it’s trying to be kind of Divergent-y, you know what I mean?

          • Yeah it does which makes me worry that the true message of the story will get lost in the shuffle. I will probably just wait and Redbox it to be safe. At least I won’t feel like I wasted $20 that way.

  8. #6 is not a lie – Just because other people don’t consider curling up on the couch to read a legitimate definition of “having plans” does NOT make it a lie!

  9. I’m hesitant to loan books to others. I loaned a hardback to my parents when my son was a baby and I never got it back (he’s almost 9). My mom carried my paperback copy of The Hunger Games around in her cavernous purse and it got all scuffed. 😦 My husband bought me a hardback. 🙂 I recently loaned my mom Attachments, but I bought it used, so I’m not too upset if it gets scuffed.

    If I plan to wear pajamas and read a book, then that’s my plan. I feel zero guilt saying “I’ve got plans”.

  10. Yes, yes, yes to all of them! Especially book lending. When I was little I leant one of my American Girl books to a friend who managed to completely drown it in water. Her mother bought me a replacement, but I’d learned my lesson. Not everyone knows how to take care of books properly.

  11. I once let a friend borrow a book. Her mother dropped it while in the bathtub. Never again.

    Like, I loaned it to you. Not your mom. Also, don’t read someone else’s book while naked.

  12. I LOVE this! I relate to pretty much the whole list. I’m your spine-breaker friend (although I prefer the term spine-bender, it sounds less destructive), but I gave you back the books I borrowed from you without a scratch, didn’t I? I least I only do it to my own books. 😛

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