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This week’s theme is collections

It’s probably obvious, but my main collection is books. Unfortunately, most of my books are currently packed up, so I can’t post a picture, but I have HUNDREDS. Before we packed them all up, I had about three bookshelves or so, and I currently have one that is almost full, so yeah, I have a lot of books.

I am also a coffee addict, and I really love coffee cups, so that’s my next collection. Again, some of them are packed up, but these are some of mine. I’ve got several Doctor Who ones, a couple of penguin ones, two Keep Calm ones, and various others. The second picture is the coffee cup cabinet in our kitchen, which is actually missing a few (they’re in the dishwasher).

      My coffee cups      Coffee cup cabinet

In addition to books, I’m a big fan of music. I love going to live shows, and I’m almost always listening to music. These are just the CDs I bought while in Scotland for a year and since being home.

My CD Collection

I really enjoy getting to meet bands and musicians so I can tell them how much I love/related to their music. I’ve met several of my favorites. Sometimes I ask them to sign a CD for me. Here are a couple of the ones I have signed.

The Neighbourhood - I Love You

The Neighbourhood actually signed the physical CD, which was silly and great.

Clockwise: Passenger, Eric Hutchinson, King Charles, Joshua James

Clockwise: Passenger, Eric Hutchinson, King Charles, Joshua James

I’m kind of an all-kind-of-entertainment person, so I also really love movies and television. I’m just a sucker for a good story. This is the movie cabinet in our house. My family really likes movies. 🙂 I’ve seen most of these.

Movie collection

What about you? What kind of things do you collect?

47 thoughts on “Life of a Blogger: Collections

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  2. Oh my gosh, I love your penguin mugs! I collect penguins (which I didn’t include in my collection) but I have some everywhere in my house, haha.
    I really enjoy meeting bands and musicians too because It’s such a wonderful experience.
    You have so many movies, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many!

    • 🙂 I just love penguins! It’s so cool to see how many other people love them too.
      Meeting bands/musicians is a great experience. Pretty much every one I have met has been so cool and down to earth.
      Well those are all of my family’s movies, not just mine. So my parents’, my brother’s, and mine. We love movies. 🙂

      • I know what you mean! I feel like I’m crazy sometimes because I love penguins so much at my age but then I see how many people love them too and it makes everything better, haha.

        It’s so fun meeting them and they are cool and down to earth, I met a band once that wasnt very nice and acted like they were better then everybody else but otherwise they are usually cool and don’t act like that.

          • A rock band called “The Black Maria”, which broke up many years ago right after I saw them in concert. They acted that way towards everyone I saw meeting with them so, if that was one of the reasons they broke up, it wouldn’t surprise me. I liked their music though which was unfortunate but oh well, people don’t appreciate their fans sometimes.

            • I just hate that for you. I really appreciate bands who recognize that the only reason they are around is because of their fans. Bands that realize that their fans are important are the best and make me want to support them even more.
              Thanks for the follow! Following back. 🙂

              • Exactly! They wouldn’t get to do shows if there was no one there and It’s really too bad when bands or anything that depends on their fan base, forget that. They are worth supporting 100% if they respect and appreciate their fans. It’s good that most of them do.

                No problem and thanks! 🙂

  3. OH MY GOD I LOVE ALL YOUR COFFEE MUGS! I love collecting them as well! I have a penguin one similar to yours! I really want to buy cute little tea cups and such :3

    • 🙂 Coffee mugs are the best!
      I’ve always wanted to do that, too! I have a couple of really cool teapots, but no tea cups. I also don’t really drink tea, so the pots are mostly for decoration. Haha.

  4. Everyone needs a good library! I need a bigger house for that though. I’m so jealous of your signed CDs! Especially the passenger one ;). Love your mugs too, there’s no room for loads of mugs in my house but I got one from Pepper Pig world at Paultons park with mummy pig on after I had my son :). That’s a lot of DVDs, makes my collection look tiny :(.
    Thanks for sharing Stefani xD
    My LoaB
    Ashton @ Morphys Book Blog

    • It was so cool getting to meet Mike. I saw him last January in Edinburgh at this really small venue. It was awesome.
      Awww. I watch Peppa Pig a lot when I babysit. That’s cute!

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m heading over to check our yours now. 🙂

  5. I too have an extensive book collection. I got married last July and only now managed to move all of my books up to Mississippi. I’ve managed to unpack the majority of them, but all of my children’s books are still in boxes right now. We need more bookshelves. It’s my lifelong dream to have a library room with a rolling ladder. 🙂 I blame Beauty and the Beast.

    And I love your coffee cup collection! Especially the Keep Calm & TARDIS mugs. 🙂 I have lots of coffee cups too, which I primarily drink tea from. I did my Masters in London. What took you to Scotland?

    • Yessss! I need a library, and a library is ESSENTIAL. 🙂 I, too, blame Beauty and the Beast.
      Thanks! The Keep Calm and Carry On one I got at Walmart. The other one says Keep Calm. You’re My Best Friend, which one of my friends got me for my birthday last year. 🙂
      The residential honors program at the W requires you to study abroad after your sophomore year. We went to Edinburgh. I was able to go back after my junior year because of my job in Grossnickle. I was in love with the country, so when I looked for Masters programs, I looked primarily in Scotland. 🙂

        • Oh, cool! What did you go for? Just a vacation? Glasgow is amazing, but I’m not going to lie: I prefer Edinburgh. Edinburgh is my favorite city in the world. So beautiful. I’d highly recommend checking it out if you’re able to go back!

          • I went to Glasgow with my sister for an audition to RSAMD. We were there for a couple of days. The cottage in the Highlands was one of my vacations from grad school. I passed through Edinburgh on the train ride north, but only managed to see the inside of the train station. Once I was there I stayed for about a week. I hiked all day and then crashed in the evenings watching Star Trek: TNG, which seemed to play every evening.

            • That sounds like a blast! The Scottish Highlands are unbelievably beautiful, aren’t they? When my parents visited, we drove all the way up to Inverness on the east side of the country and then back down on the west. It was such an amazing road trip.
              Hahah. So true. Star Trek plays a lot over there. As does Friends. Lol.

  6. Oh how fun!
    I collect coffee mugs too. Bert and I met in a coffee shop. 🙂 He has that disappearing TARDIS mug, and I have a disappearing Cheshire Cat mug. My favorite is a Disney Beauty and the Beast mug that my mom sent me in a care package my first semester of college, 18 years ago!
    I also collect Blue Willow china, which I fell in love with as a child, when I read A Bargain for Frances by Russell Hoban. We used that collection for the center pieces at our wedding reception. 🙂
    Bert collects board games. Photos here:

  7. I wish I had that many dvds. I have an extremely small collection, which is probably odd since I went to college for film. Working on building that collection, though. Great mug collection too! Penguin ones are always my favorite to pick up.

    • That is kind of odd for a film major. Maybe it makes you more picky when it comes to which you’ll buy?
      I LOVE penguins on anything! I have a few more packed up, but my favorite one is that one in the corner that’s shaped like a penguin! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

      • I guess it does. I do watch movies in a different way than I did before, but I still enjoy a lot. Penguins are my favorite animal! I did have a lot of penguin stuff for a really long time, but it’s not much of a collection anymore. I couldn’t part with my mugs, though. 🙂

          • There’s nothing wrong with a lot of penguin stuff! I used to have a lot of penguin stuff myself, but it was mostly just out at Christmastime so I finally decided to donate a lot of it. Not the easiest decision, but my storage space is still thanking me.

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