Life of a Blogger: 101 things I hate

Life of a Blogger is a weekly meme hosted by the bookish blog Novel Heartbeat. The meme is a way for bloggers to talk about non-bookish topics and get to know one another!

Life of a Blogger

Last week’s theme was 101 things I love. This week it’s 101 things I hate, but I try not to be that extreme with things, so I’m going to go with 101 things I seriously dislike. 🙂

Like last week, I’m just going to list them in the order they come to me, so they haven’t been prioritized or anything.

  1. When People Capitalize Every Letter In A Sentence
  2. People who have to one-up you
  3. Standard, generic rejection letters
  4. People who are rude for no reason
  5. Hot weather (I mean, like excessively hot. I live in MS. It’s too hot here)
  6. Racism
  7. Cherry flavored things
  8. Oranges
  9. Mayo
  10. Tomatoes
  11. Coconut
  12. HAMBURGERS/ground beef (I haven’t had a hamburger in approximately 7 years)
  13. Being a picky eater
  14. Hot tea (I’m a coffee drinker. My British friends are going to disown me)
  15. Not having a job
  16. Not being able to fly back to Scotland whenever I want
  17. Not being able to buy all of the books I want
  18. Applying for jobs
  19. Broken spines on books
  20. Dogeared pages in books
  21. The smell of cigarettes
  22. The smell of freshly cut grass
  23. Slow drivers
  24. Idiotic drivers
  25. People who get right on your bumper when you’re already over the speed limit
  26. Reality TV
  27. Being sick
  28. People who make plans and wait until the last minute to cancel
  29. Country music
  30. Buffering YouTube videos
  31. Sonic commercials (they are SO stupid)
  32. Bees/wasps/buzzing bugs
  33. Backseat drivers
  34. Scary movies based on true events
  35. When people are late
  36. When people use your when they meant you’re (also its/it’s and all those others)
  37. Bad grammar
  38. Bad punctuation
  39. Bad spelling
  40. Finding any/all of the previous three in a PUBLISHED book
  41. Waiting
  42. Texting to figure out a plan
  43. Constantly being interrupted while I’m reading (it’s obvious I don’t want to talk to you)
  44. Chapped lips
  45. When my nail polish chips
  46. Dr. Pepper
  47. Pepsi
  48. Mountain Dew
  49. Organic foods being so expensive
  50. Mumblers
  51. Finding hair in the drain
  52. Finding hair on my stuff (it’s obviously not mine)
  53. Finding hair in my food (DEFINITELY NOT MINE! EWW!)
  54. Finding hair on me (I think I got pretty lucky. Haha)
  55. Hairy chests
  56. Mannequins
  57. MANNEQUINS (purposely included them twice; I hate them that much. Especially the Old Navy ones)
  58. The Snuggy bear (that thing will eat you in your sleep)
  59. Dolls that come to life in movies
  60. Ignorance
  61. Second guessing myself
  62. Being scared to do something
  63. TV shows that promote idiotic behavior (16 and Pregnant, that stupid Mac Miller show, etc.)
  64. Cold showers
  65. Cheaters (in any area of life)
  66. Leggings as pants
  67. Wine
  68. Cold feet
  69. Feet
  70. Drunk drivers
  71. Waiting for Sherlock to come back
  72. People telling me they don’t read/don’t like to read (what do you do with your life?!)
  73. People who don’t have any books in their house (again, what do you do with your life?!)
  74. Tweets/Facebook posts/Instagram posts/etc. that just ask for likes or RTs
  75. The fact that no bands come near me for shows (I have to drive several hours for most shows)
  76. The fact that I live in MS
  77. Failing
  78. Feeling like I’ve failed
  79. Depression
  80. Knowing what I’m feeling is silly and not being able to change it
  81. Not being able to get a new tattoo
  82. Taylor Swift
  83. Coldplay
  84. Allergies
  85. Pollen
  86. Pretentious people
  88. The “YOLO” mindset
  89. The hipster mindset (I don’t necessarily have a problem with hipsters, just the way they get all upset when bands they supposedly like start getting recognition. You know what I mean?)
  90. Not being able to read all the books I want to read RIGHT NOW
  91. Whiny children
  92. The Miami Heat
  93. LeBron James
  94. Arrogance
  95. Inconsiderate people
  96. When people can’t put things back where they got them
  97. Tyler Perry movies
  98. Rape culture
  99. “Bald people are ugly/manly” jokes in movies/TV shows
  100. The fact I hold all my stress in the middle of my back
  101. Stress/anxiety

Geez! This was really hard, but it was pretty fun, too! It felt like letting something off my chest. What are some things that just get on your LAST. NERVE?

25 thoughts on “Life of a Blogger: 101 things I hate

    • I hate texting to figure out a plan. What would take a minute over the phone takes way too long in text.
      I can’t stand it. I think it probably has something to do with being allergic to pretty much everything outside. Lol.

    • I just don’t like the taste. I don’t know. I don’t really like any dark sodas (Pepsi, Coke, Dr. Pepper), except root beer. But that’s true! These lists are a great way to see what other people like that you don’t.
      Thanks for checking out my list!

  1. #71 – OMG, yes!
    Also, #56 & 57 – because of the Autons?
    Telemarketers bug the crap out of me. I know it’s their job, so I try to be polite, but seriously – no means NO! Maybe I need to use the line I use with my kids: I said no, and I mean NO, and I don’t want to hear any more about it. I guess that sounds mean, but it does help with #91. 🙂

    • Haha. Yay! Another Sherlock fan! And Whovian! 🙂 I actually hated mannequins before the Autons and before I was a Whovian. I was convinced to start watching DW during 10’s reign, but I started with 9. NONE of my Whovian friends warned me about the Autons even though they knew I hated mannequins. Wasn’t that nice of them?
      Haha. I definitely understand not liking telemarketers. I have a lot of patience for them for some reason, but I might use that line next time!

      • I’ve been a Sherlock Holmes fan for at least 20 years. When Sherlock premiered, I was skeptical, but it is SO good!
        My first episode of Doctor Who was The Wedding of River Song (you can imagine my confusion!), but then we went back to 9 and marathoned on Netflix. 🙂 I’m glad the Autons didn’t turn you off of the show!

        • Yeah, I’ve been a Sherlock Holmes fan since I was a kid. I wasn’t sure at first either but I adore that show. I think they did such a good job modernizing it and the actors are brilliant.
          Haha. That would have been sooo confusing to start with The Wedding of River Song. Glad you went back and watched the rest. I went and watched ALL of the old episodes too. I’m a huge Whovian. 🙂

          • Yeah, it was actually Martin Freeman as Watson that convinced me to give it a go. He seemed so perfect for the role! Have you been watching him in Fargo on FX?
            My whole family are Whovians now! My kids even have Doctor Who pajamas that my mother brought back from a trip to England. 🙂

            • I LOVE Martin Freeman. Oh, man. So much. He’s amazing. I haven’t actually watched Fargo, but I’ve been meaning to. It should be On Demand, so I’ll have to check it out. Is it good?
              Yay! I’ve tried to get my family to watch it. My brother isn’t much of a sci-fi fan, so he won’t like it, but my parents have watched a couple of episodes and liked it. They just don’t have time to watch more. I’ve got several friends into it though! 🙂

              • It’s VERY good! The entire cast is stellar.
                My husband and both kids love it! Plus, my brother-in-law is from Ireland, so he grew up with it, and he and my sister are big fans. They are expecting their first child in October, and I gave them a TARDIS onesie for the baby. 🙂

                • SO CUTE!
                  I have a lot of DW stuff: several coffee mugs (including a TARDIS one), a few shirts (including one I bought in Scotland), a strand of TARDIS lights, and probably more, but I can’t think of it.

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